Friday, February 15, 2013


Well, well, well. Here we are on another glorious Friday afternoon. And what a weekend we have ahead of us! It's all about the magical element of truly awesome music this weekend! Yes, folks, Fetish return like the prodigal sons and daughter to Cape Town's bosom. It is a momentous occasion and I for one am seriously peeing my pant in gleeful anticipation. Rarely has a band, local or not, been such a a firm favourite of mine. And I get to see them perform in all their glory (and with a local keyboard wizard filling in for Dave, no less), I am sure I will be whisked away on a dreamlike journey as their fragile, fragmented and furious music transports me beyond the 4 walls of Mercury. Can't WAIT!

And speaking of bosoms, another of Cape Town's finest musical acts, the inimitable Mind Assault, bring you a  new song. For free! You know you want it! Only the Flapper Legion could conceive of a rocking track entitled TIETE! Bless their lecherous little hearts.

This has gone circular. Fetish's new album is called 'Little Heart' and look! You can download it here.

So, pre-show drinks at the home of Rose Thorn - check.
A designated driver in the form of one seriously Hot Girlfriend - check.
A date with a braai and a jacuzzi tomorrow - check.
Having Tarty Farty Tequila Party in attendance at all of the above - check!
Armed with TIETE for the drive home to get even MORE amped for the weekend - check!

Oh yes, I haven't even told you about the glorious Wollingtons I had last night. Let's just say it was a spectacular success. Gordon Ramsay can fuck off and so can Don Juan...

NGDG: Let's have a round of applause for people who send emails at the crack of dawn with deadlines roughly equivalent to the time you get into work. In a room with clapper-activated lights, poor wiring and methane leakage.

Spread The Love. Permanent...

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