Thursday, July 4, 2013


Even a complete dumbass like Zack De La Rocha knew...

Independence. Ah! What a wonderful thing to celebrate. An optimistic, happy and loving community - free to live their lives as they see fit. Free to pursue their dreams. Free to torture prisoners and hold them without trial. Free to kill people they call terrorists using remote controlled drones - without trial. Free to kill their women and children, just for being in the vicinity. Free, some allege, to fucking kill their own people and use it as an excuse to wage war on the East to secure oil supplies. Free to single-handedly destroy the spoken and written English language. Free to ensure the moral decay that has all but wrecked modern Western culture. (Ok, most of London can accept some responsibility there too.)

Now all stand and clap as Tom Cruise waves his little flag from his wheel chair.

Don't get me wrong, 'Murica is responsible for some of the greatest things on Earth. It most certainly was one of the great nations on this planet. It existed as a noble, shining example of endeavour and spirited determination. Then it basically devolved into this. Congratulations, you evil, stupid, morbidly obese fucks! You must be so proud...

Those of you who take offence at this mild mannered observation may take solace in the following. (Don't worry, you can look up some of the hard words later - just don't underline them on the screen...)
It's not the majority of your citizenry responsible for all this shit. It is, however, you lot who are all sitting back and allowing it to happen. You're basically accomplices.
Yours is the latest in a long series of empires that stretches back throughout history, and like every single one of them before you, yours will crumble.
Lance Armstrong is a nice tidy symbol of your collective morals.
So is the Westboro Baptist Church, with its militant refusal to admit its own ignorance.
But I'm sure most of you living in your suburban middle class comfort wouldn't dreeeeeam of being bad people...

Too early in the morning for this level of vitriol?

I suppose so, especially since I had such a great night last night. Things are looking up. But not in the retina-searing, direct at the sun kinda way - you'd have to be on your knees behind me for that.

Ok, I'll stop then. Sorry to have hurt your feelings. I will leave you with this food for thought, though. Perspective being really important in most consideration, the very fact that YOU are solely responsible for every teenager in Western culture walking around with their pants under their arse should have you begging the world for forgiveness.

NGDG: Andy Murray. The most embarrassing Scot since a young Robert the Bruce.

Spread The Love. Love Missile F1-11.

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