Monday, February 20, 2012


Anyone for a game of Soggy Biscuits?

I've been meaning to get to this for quite a while now, but haven't ever had a gap. And since my entire life consists of non stop partying, much like this past weekend, replete with being in a permanent state of hungover, I thought it would make a nice change to avoid rehashing the same old crap.

Time for brand new crap altogether!

So - ladies and gentle readers - I present to you the BUCKET LIST:

[*Please note that I only have one or 2 things on my actual Bucket List that I'm absolutely sure of, the rest of it is either made up or completely without substance.]

  1. I want to sky dive. For real. Out of a perfectly functional plane. I don't think there could be a bigger rush.

  2. Bungee jumping off Bloukrans. Pretty much the same as skydiving. Pretty much "kak yourself" stuff...

  3. Get drunk on real tequila in Mexico and eat the worm that's been spending its time soaking up the lovely fire water.

  4. There's another entire section we'll have to file under NSFW.

  5. Record a full length album. Surprisingly (or some might say unsurprisingly), even though I've been involved in bands that have been this close, I still do not have a full length release to my name.

  6. I'd like to upgrade my property to a place large enough to accommodate my small battalion of big dogs. Rottweilers and Boerboele for choice, something I can ride around on.

  7. On the larger property thing, I would very much like to have a small collection of vines one day, something that could potentially provide enough grapes to let me try and make a bottle or 2 of my own wine. Wouldn't THAT be something!

  8. Finish my renovations, although I'm not holding my breath on that one...

  9. Learn to play the cello -or the guitar for that matter!

  10. Compile a decent Bucket List.
Yeah. Pretty standard, boring stuff, really. Typing this has been a little slower than usual, so this is all you're getting today. I pitted the tip of my finger against the sharp bits of my new pruning shears and guess which one won. Strange that it happened AFTER I finished recording my guitar bits for the new Axxon single. Usually it happens directly before.

NGDG: "Just remember: there's life changing music out there you've yet to discover, books to read, people who will surprise you, and a thunderstorm on the horizon to cool the evenings you think will be too sticky to sleep. More life, friends! More life!"

Spread The Love. And Indulge In More Life!

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