Tuesday, February 28, 2012


And I don't mean the variety with which we are so mercilessly brutalised all day on social media, email and sms. I am referring to the band. I used to be a big fan, but somewhere along the line started waking up to their insistence that I should not mistake their lack of talent for genius. I immediately took drastic action, giving my 2 tshirts to my then girlfriend. Obviously I didn't get rid of the discs I had - that's unadulterated lunacy, considering the rare and irreplaceable nature of so many of them.

I basically denounced the band, but kept their cds snuggling in among all my others. I'm definitely a hoarder by nature.

And it is a good thing that I did. Our little collection of miscreants responsible for the upcoming Doom Metal cover show have included a song from their repertoire. Now, I'm not going to tell you what it is, as we're soon going to be releasing clues as to the songs on the setlist for this little event, but let's just say I have found my fondness for them again after all these years. After all, it shouldn't be only your technical dexterity that defines you as a musician, otherwise I'd be well and truly fucked, wouldn't I? Although it's fair to say they aren't doom metal in the strictest sense of the definition, it is abundantly apparent that they were more than capable of creating the same kind of mood and atmosphere.

And speaking of 'Atmosphere', I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my new band of the week/month: (I tried to find new and exciting acts every week, but was unable to...)

I give you Bicycle Thief. I have had the pleasure of listening to their debut EP, Ammunition, and have to say it's a cracking good effort. Not the heaviest or most kiefbrutalepicawesome band out there, but sweet, thoughtful, prosaic songwriting the likes of which have rarely been encountered here. There's enough of everything for most tastes - as they glide between Snow Patrol and Cooper Temple Clause with effortless ease, sometimes sneakily subtle, sometimes seriously shakin'... Go check them out.

And now, I look outside and full glorious Summer has returned once more. The weatherman on the telly in the morning is a fucking lying sack of shit. Not that I mind - this is infinitely better than the dreary day it's been, but I'm wearing long trousers. Which are getting hot. Here's a question: if all reporting agencies, online news sites, broadcast news services, etc ALL get their updated information from the one and only source, the South African Weather Bureau, how is it possible for them to be so disparate?

Anyway, hope the rest of this more and more glorious day treats you well.

NGDG: "Step 1 in a colleague's 'Emotional Intelligence Handbook': Self-Awareness: get in touch with your feelings. AND you've lost half your reading audience..."

Spread The Love. Stop Me From Making A Homicide.

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