Friday, February 10, 2012


As in FLIPPANTS. As in FLIPPANT FRIDAYS. Irreverently.

We reach the end of the week and the end of our patience pretty simultaneously roughly 4 times a month. We all hold hands and rejoice at the prospect of time away from mandatory activities only to engage in even more taxing ones, only to be secretly grateful to be back at work on Mondays to catch up on some much needed rest and Facebook time.

Without which we wouldn't have THIS wonderful little snippet of local parody action - quite fitting considering the day of the week. Especially in the romantic spirit of the upcoming Hallmark Holiday celebrating the secret stalking of a loved one. And if it's developed past the secret stalking phase, you are more than likely wishing it was back there...

Not me of course. I find myself happily in the pound seats, having inadvertently struck the jackpot. And seeing as it's Leap Year I wonder what fantastically amazing surprise the Hot Girlfriend has conjured up for our Valentine...

Anyway, yes. Friday. It's Friday. I can tell by the unanimous chorus of "TGIF" style statuses on the intrawebnets. The intrawebnets, a place where everyone can be precisely the same in their unique quirkiness. Pity it's so addictive. I don't know what I do with myself on weekends, I swear. Oh! Hang on a minute! I have mentioned the Hot Girlfriend, have I not?

Unfortunately tonight she is gonna have to share...

I have a visitor. A very special secret visitor. He may or may not have a title. He may or may not be from somewhere else. We may or may not drink a "few beers" this evening.

It's not the tooth fairy. Like that bloke in that Red Dragon movie.
And speaking of all things happy and springy and larky-abouty, this little group of people I know that seem rather keen on something called "Doom Metal" are going to be flexing their musical muscles in a show featuring classic covers of this "Doom Metal". Sounds positively delightful. Watch this space. Yours truly may even make an appearance. Do you think the collective would allow the iconic White Flip Flops as part of the ensemble?

NGDG: "The quality of one's day is directly proportional to how good one's hair looks."

Spread The Love. Lube-Bottomy Is A Dirty Word.

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