Friday, February 17, 2012


Today has flown by. Actually the entire week has. Been a busy little badger, beavering away feverishly, me.

Well, you know what I mean...

Tarty Farty Tequila Party wins today's quote-of-the-day prize with: "I have constantly had to deal with poo..." Now if only she could apply that marvelous mind of hers to actually writing in her blog.

So, we're all about to do the mental equivalent of a hundred joyous cartwheels and a robust slap on the arse as we congratulate ourselves on making it through yet another gruelling week in the salt mines, and enter the weekend. Can you also hear Gareth Cliff? Someone pass me a sharp pencil please. My eardrums need piercing.

What are you getting up to? If you're not booked up like a librarian, then I shall inform you of what you should be doing. The brightest star in the sky that is the current state of metal in this fair town of ours, Wildernessking, a heady brew of progressive blackened metal without the panda effect, will be taking the stage at ROAR tomorrow night in order to raise some funds to help offset the monumental costs of their debut album 'The Writing Of Gods In The Sand", which has already secured an international record company to back an international release.

[I just won the longest-sentence-of-the-week award.] I'll be there, happily giving my contribution to their cause and ALL the rest of my money to Mike behind the bar.

Speaking of iconic local acts, go and check out Grämlich's first official foray into the land of digital resurrection. Lifted from the demo 'Tears Within' the song 'Close Your Eyes' is now available for your listening pleasure. Can't believe this was done in 1999... Now that the intrawebnets and all her mysteries have been unravelled by my kind friend, the Samaritan known as Lord Doom, there may be more on their way to your ears via the clickey thingy.

Well, since I have nothing much more to report and you obviously want to get on out of here, I'll leave you to it. Have a fantastic weekend. Practice safe sex.

NGDG: "I'm trying very hard to stop the foul language. I find Bon Iver in the car is a natural sedative. Now I need one of those cartoony plasters to serve as a psychosomatic chillout patch. I'm a nice lad, really."

Spread The Love. Get Some!

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