Friday, February 3, 2012


I'll even get a little irreverent for you. If you're going to insist. If that's what DOES IT for you...

Sorry for yesterday's absence folks, I was out of sorts and no one likes a grumpy old fart expounding the lack of virtue that abounds in the world. We're all acutely aware of it in any case, considering most of you delicious bastards are the prime exponent of said lack of virtue.

Is it just me or has online traffic slowed to a virtual halt? Perhaps I need some new sites to check out. Any suggestions? I've tried a number of Web Comics and have gotten into a handful of them, but nothing excites anymore. The way it used to. Oh now I remember. Not allowed to download porn at work anymore...

And speaking of all things mega SEXXXY. In my all but humble opinion, the best band to come from South Africa (and that's a huge statement considering such acts as No Friends Of Harry, The Gathering, Evoid and anything Brendan Jury was ever involved in), the fantastically flawed, the eccentrically ethereal, the heartbreakingly haunting and desperately beautiful Fetish are set to deliver a once off reunion show at Mercury Live on Friday the 13th of April. It is a show of monumental importance. For too long have we been deprived of Michelle Breeze's surreal lyrical prowess and devilish and delicate delivery. I'm getting shivers just thinking about 'If' or 'Awkward'. If they play 'Leah' I promise to shit myself. Don't get me started on 'Shade Of Ghost' or 'I Might Fall'. If you missed them when they were tearing up stages back in the day, then you have no excuse. If you were there, I expect teams of wild horse couldn't keep you from this anyway.

You can thank me later.

My house is a construction site again. I have become a professional accumulator of renovation material. The only thing I still lack is the time in which to actually DO any of it. I blame a massive bent towards procrastination and the ever present need to spend 80% of construction time standing back and admiring my handiwork.

With any luck this weekend will be a little less ferocious than last. It took far too long to recover from Summerfest '12. We have another instalment of the infamous House Burning, which usually involves an ill-advised quantity of tequila. Hold the tomato cocktail please! Btw, I heard an interesting fact the other night. Apparently the hallowed and much revered Jose Cuervo is 47% cane spirit ans 53% tequila. Disappointing.

With that much cane consumed in my life I might as well find a nice dodgy suburb and accept my lot...

NGDG: "Maybe you wasted your life. Maybe you made mistakes. Maybe you put too much hope in the unpredictable. You're not the first. You're not alone. Stop acting so hurt. There's no final judgement. Anything you did differently would be equally forgotten by History. Chill. Put on some big girl panties. Enjoy the feel of silk against flesh."

Bless you, Mr Goldwyer.

Bless you, Miss Smart Tart.

Bless you, and gesundheit!

Spead The Love. Pass The Tissues.

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