Friday, May 18, 2012


So it's ok for our esteemed Comrade President to flounce around with his Spear out, prodding at his harem of wives and other "Lewinsky-ites", but Heaven forbid it's captured in a painting and hung on a wall. They censored the picture before I could determine for you, my adoring readership, if indeed it was well hung or not. Zapiro must be rolling in the aisles! Wash their mouths out with Lifebouy! Give that man a hot handshake and a golden shower!

Then there's the disturbing, disgraceful and disgusting show of utter disdain for the rule of law in our fair land perpetrated by the working man's union, COSATU. They were actually protesting the fact that the DA was protesting the fact that they were in protest of the ANC's proposed bill to subsidise youth employment. So actually what COSATU is saying is that the people already on the payroll are the only ones that count, even if they spend more time overturning dustbins and sleeping under trees... and most of them can't count. Fuck the poor and destitute and desperate (school leavers) and never mind the commendable (for once) long term strategy aimed at alleviating the misery shared by so many of our people. Oh, and do you hear the slowly crumbling facade of the Tripartite Alliance? Commie bastards.

NGDG: "The fucking neighbour is at it again! I can only hope the cold comes suddenly to wrap her Dunhill and box-wine wrecked mortal coil in terminal pneumonia."

Viva! Neal Goldwyer, viva!

Spread The Love. Throw Rocks Out With Your Cocks Out!

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  1. The pic of Zuma's been printed in today's Cape Times, BTW.