Friday, May 25, 2012


Once again, well done to Stephen Green Designs.

Lots of excitement! LOTS of excitement! Metal4Africa have just announced the line-up for their biannual metal festival. Winterfest '12 promises to be one to remember, not least because me, myself and my fancy pants are going to be parading around on the stage. Yes folks, the toight trousers will once again be dusted off (read: procured from Wolf Clothing) and worn unashamedly as I - along with the other 4 maniacs that comprise the industrial metal explosion known as AXXON - attempt to test the adhesive quality of the bits between your face and your skull. Your ears will be mercilessly murderlized and your eyes will not believe the stimuli flowing into them. For one thing, you'll probably wonder how someone this old can fit into pants that tight...

This impacts on my usual routine, though. It is with some pride that I have managed to establish a tradition of being lavishly lathered at every one of Metal4Africa's festivals. For obvious reasons, this will not be the case come the 28th of July. The things I do for you people! The sacrifices I have to make!

So. In an unrivalled attempt at making up for said impending sobriety, I feel it necessary to pre-emptively test my capacity for alcohol consumption. We'll start at the Brother-In-Awe's birthday party tomorrow night. Which is directly after World Goth Day at Mercury, at which I am Djing, but lamentably have to skedaddle as soon as I am done. At least I might avoid the swift facepalms Slappy is usually handing out this time.

Then next weekend is my birthday. And that of "Twinzie" as well as the good "DrHellCuz". He's making a special trip from Joburgville to celebrate our special day together. We're going to take the cable car up The Mountain and then a few selected guests will be in attendance at the annual Malcoholocaust that evening.

Busy, busy, busy...
June/July is to birthdays what January/February is to weddings. I have to attend a birthday party every weekend for the next 2 months. Seems Spring time really is the best time for lovin'. Good thing I gracefully exited the gift swopping habit earlier this year.

If I manage to keep body and soul tenuously together by the end of it all, I shall have to consider a serious de-tox. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. I hate when I lie to myself.

Anyway, as we bid adieu to another week, please keep safe on the roads and in the sack. Stay warm and don't do anything I wouldn't. Which includes, but not exclusively, flying a copper kite in this wintry weather.

NGDG: "I just paid over R500 for a book of Konstantin Paustovsky's stories. Addictive little drugs. I'd be a millionaire by now if I had the good fortune to be illiterate."

Spread The Love. Under The Covers.

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