Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have to say I'm thoroughly disappointed to have found out this refers to the apex of the week. "It's all downhill from here..." doesn't quite make up for the fact that today isn't recognised as a certified day of obligatory coitus. Actually come to think of it, most days should be so. Just saying.

As it is I have a date with a 12 year old this evening. Her name is, strangely enough, Johnny. As in "Johnny Walker Black Label". And this is all happening whilst I watch The Sing-Gher replace more of my kitchen's plumbing and then attempt to re-write history by penning the best song ever written. I'm hoping the 12 year old helps...

Anyway, here I sit waiting for a meeting. The fact that this meeting is with a band - whilst falsely instilling in you a belief that I am cool - is sending the familiar cold feeling of dread down my spine. I hate meetings. And bands are notoriously late. Well, this lot is anyway. So I sit and blog.

In other band related news, Ramfest has confirmed the dates for next year already. Cape Town, ready yourself for 3 days of mind bending debauchery (yes, they have returned to the much loved 3 day festival format) from 7 - 10 March 2013. Hallelujah! Can't wait for that hungover contentedness one can only experience with 3 days of smelly grime embedded in every crevice...

Let the speculation and ranting about the line up commence!

So I was reading this article earlier - quite enjoyed it actually. Thanks to LordDoom for linking this, the last word on the Zuma Penis Portrait Debacle. I wonder why everyone is being so prickly about it...

NGDG: "Just leave me to my spreadsheets and my Maylene and no one gets hurt."

Spread The Love. Under Will.

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