Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Sometimes it's quite amusing roaming around the labyrinth of the intrawebnets, trying in vain to find something other than The Oatmeal from which to derive any worthwhile entertainment. It's amazing what you can find. Cats, contrary to popular belief, are not amusing. In the least. Fuck cats. They don't play well with others.

Anyway, there seems to be an ever-increasing trend of religious vs anti-religious debate going on again. People still haven't figured out that they will never, no matter how often or persuasively they try and convey their opinions or beliefs, miraculously sway the beliefs of the person who holds the opposite opinion or belief. In the same fashion as you will never convince me that surprise buttsex is a good idea. Wars have been waged. In fact, they continue to be fought. Do you really believe they're being fought to gain the moral high ground? Nope. Afraid not. Usually has something to do with oil or very old paperwork. Groinchurn once came up with the wonderful 'Putting the fun back into fundamentalism'.

I think I'm going off track here.

A few points to take note of to everyone:
You are not going to go up, down or sideways in anyone's opinion by continuing to proclaim you piety, your lack thereof, or your disdainful distaste for either.
  1. If you're for any particular religion or denomination, please practice the much preached about tolerance towards the sinners that are obviously on the highway to hell. Either pity them or ignore them, just please do so less publicly. Like my once very good friend who chose to graciously remove herself from the fray altogether and concentrate on what she felt was important in her life.
  2. Same goes for the proud sinners. You're just trying your best to garner attention for being "annerste". It's adolescent and no one could give less of a crap. The same tolerance you so desperately crave from the virtuous should be afforded them as well.
  3. And finally to those that, despite claiming to not believe in anything, spend more time than either party waffling on about something that apparently doesn't exist. Enough already. Congratulations. You're very clever for having singlehandedly figured out the existential mysteries of mankind. They should rename Wikipedia after you.

Bugger. I expect to lose some followers after this one...

NGDG: "I have a 7am meeting. Depending on the amount of 'likes' I get here, I'll either intentionally go in late and blame the traffic or carry on living my life, go in at my usual time, also late, and blame traffic."

Spread The Love. I Mean It.


  1. Not me - I agree wholeheartedly!

  2. Don't you think you've just perpetuated what you hate by making a post about it? ;) I am vocal on FB about being atheist because for some reason (religious ignorance) it's really frowned upon to do so in many real life situations. If you saw something that promoted hatred and bigotry and discrimination wouldn't you stand up to it?