Monday, May 28, 2012


So. It's Monday. After having spent 90% of yesterday in bed, I still feel like my body, mind and liver require a full week of recovery. JUST the way I like it!

I knew Saturday was going to be heavy. So I stayed in on Friday. True to form it was the earliest night of the week.

So Saturday rolled on in with the weight of expectation and before I could wipe out my eyes, it had gotten into full swing. First up was lunch with the ever effervescent Tarty Farty Tequila Party. We took 3 wrong turns but eventually rectified our horrifying lack of historical knowledge and culture by finding the parking lot at the Rhodes Memorial. The restaurant snuggled in behind this impressive testament to one of England's foremost supporters of colonisation is quaint and very inviting, and has unbeatable views. The food is very traditional and was perfect winter fare. Being shown to our reserved table in front of the indoor fire, we enjoyed the awesome food, booze and company. Too much as it turned out. I almost had to be rolled out of there...

But things needed to be done, so after beating a leisurely retreat, I met my dad back home for a spot of installing kitchens. Having successfully covered every square inch of surface in a healthy layer of sawdust, it was time to get my arse hurriedly to Mercury where I was in danger of being late for my DJ set. The event was World Goth Day. The problem with playing the first set of the night is people are only starting to arrive and haven't got enough liquor in them yet. I played an amazing set, to very little physical appreciation. Luckily as more people made their way inside via the bar, the more seemed to take an interest in the result of all my standing there pushing a button every 4 minutes. By the time I had cued up my last 3 songs, the dancefloor was full of swooning bodies, all bedecked in their black leather 'n' lace splendour.

The reason I had to play the early set was because I needed to be in Marina Da Gama. For a Star Wars themed party. For the Brother-In-Awe's birthday. At the risk of going into too much detail, just imagine a bunch of party-party-party nerds, free booze and a variety of light sabres. And a Death Star shaped cake...

The next morning was sheer hell. I had to drive with my head at a rakish angle to keep the Hot Girlfriend's sunglasses from falling off my face as I drove directly into the rising sun on our way home. The rest of the day was a write off.

And now I need a lie down...

NGDG: "I got lost in Parkhurst, lost in the Northgate Dome. If I ever accidentally enter a forest that's tickets for me for sure, no matter how much urine there is in the flask."

Spread The Love. It's The Drug.

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