Thursday, May 17, 2012


Could there be a better game?
The ultimate test of strength, suppleness and self control...
As long as when you finally collapse you manage to avoid planting an elbow in your partner's nethers, I suppose we're all good, although I sincerely doubt any game has ever made it past the 4th spin of the colour indicator thingy.

Ah, plumbing. Yes last night I indulged in a spot of watching my good mate The Sing-Gher extend the fittings to allow for my new oh-so-spiffy under counter tap connection. After much coffee, swearing, bashing and rolling of tape we eventually discovered the "AquaMend" and Robert's Your Mother's Brother.

Then we sat down and spent some time conspiring to write the next great piece of lyrical art and came up with a pretty good framework of a song, even if I already know it'll be an entirely different beast in a week's time. Excited, though.

So it's all systems go for the kitchen to be finished by the 2012 incarnation of the Malcoholocaust. Unfortunately this year I can't officially name it that as I am sharing my birthday celebration with the much vaunted Dr Hell Cuz from up Norff. We share a birth date and a surname. We're also going to take in the breathtaking views of Cape Town from high up on the Mountain. Cable car rides are free on your birthday. Can't wait. As long as the weather plays along, I'm sure it'll be fine. Although later that day when the masses descend for the party, we may be a little on the "pregamed" side, if you catch my meaning. You see, neither of us can function socially without some form of inebriant. Alas.

And now I am off to do that most conscientious of duties, my recycling. This has nothing to do with riding the Argus again. I'm off to the municipal depot with all my glass, plastic and cardboard. Gee vir my 'n fokken goue sterretjie.
As much as I'd like to sit here and carry on entertaining the lot of you, this must take precedence. Not out of some sort of green-consciouse obligation to the future welfare of our planet, but rather because it affords me the opportunity to get the hell away from my desk and the office. See you chimps later!

NGDG: "Hollande beats Sarkozy by 500,000 votes. The last time the French unseated a power-hungry midget it took an English Duke and about as tenth as many men from England, Belgium and, ironically, Holland."

Spread The Love. Pick A Colour. Get Your Elbow Out Of My Mouth.

Incidentally I was originally going to go with this picture...

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