Wednesday, June 15, 2011


You guessed it. Like the rest of the country I am taking Friday off. I will be arriving in Napier (or rather a quaint little farm resort just outside Napier) for the annual Patat Festival. And I'm quite looking forward to it.

I am being taken by my good friend Tarty Farty Tequila Party (who has apparently developed a heinous case of writer's blog) - and joining us are Ms Viv-acious and Lars-But-Not-Least. Locals be terrified.

I am particularly looking forward to seeing my good friends at the best guesthouse in the Overberg, The Suntouched Inn, the wonderfully gracious Craighan and Angela Millar. Make sure the Napier Bier is cold and plentiful, please.

Can you imagine how cold it's going to be there this time of the year? It's gonna freeze the balls off a brass monkey. Kinda like that time we went to the Cedarberg and spent the day exploring mountains on camping chairs on the back of a bakkie...

Hopefully included in the multitude of near-by farm folk that are expected, will be a nice plaas meisie. One that has no fridge-sized buffalo of a boyfriend and questionable morals, if you please. A bit of rumpy-pumpy in the hay behind the langarm skoffelbaan would go down a treat.

In other news:

  1. I am now the proud owner of what is probably the most collectable piece of music I have ever had. A 3cd 64 page special edition hardcover book/cd set limited to only 3000 pressed. It's a reworking of the highlights of 20 years worth of material by My Dying Bride. All pieces are completely overhauled and presented entirely in orchestrated synth symphony and completely different lyrics and vocal arrangements. See pic above. Whoohoo!

  2. Last night I let a panel oil heater fall onto the top of my foot - no footie for a while. Bugger.

I'll be back on Monster Moanday. 'Til then, adios and thanks for the fish!

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  1. Tarty here will probably have another essay after the weekend ... so hang in there folks!