Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My friends and I once invented a cards based drinking game. It was called "Man Down" due to it's incredible efficiency. If by efficient you assume getting us all arseholed in minimum time. It goes like this.

  1. Each player gets dealt one card face down.

  2. Flip cards and the person with the lowest number on his card drinks that amount of shots. Everyone else is safe for that round.

  3. If 2 people have joint lowest, a redraw takes place, the lowest of the redraw drinking the amount of shots as indicated by number on card.

  4. Joker nominates and the drinker must drink corresponding number on the card he or she is holding irrespective of who has lowest.

It has never lasted longer than half an hour.

I feel as if I indulged in a game of "Man Down" last night.

Your LMG Pub Quiz made a storming comeback with a record attendance for the first night of the new season hosted at Mercury. Fantastically well done Mike and Kevin - and thank you! Not for the hangover, but for the great evening.
Team Burger King were worthy runners up in a hotly contested battle of wits. We won booze! To all on the team - you guys fucking rock! And from now on our default answer to any question we're unsure of is "Canada".
We MURDERED tHe MaD hAtTeRs ! ! ! !
They're, like, the new Team Papsuck.

And since we're keeping score: Black Label Draught 1 - 0 Me.
In related news: Tarty Farty Tequila Party, otherwise known as The Scribe, did some unmentionable acts of debauchery in order to get free booze. Coz that's how THIS team rolls. Sydney, you'll never be the same again.

Anyway, once again thanks to all for making it such an awesome evening. We're all taking strain today. The way it should be.

Spread The Love. At The Bar. For Drinks.

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