Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Can you see where this is going?

Hmmm... mmmm?

Filthmonger! I was actually going to debate the ever controversial issue of copyright. Am I morally, ethically or legally allowed to use the picture above? Since it is tagged by an existing site? Does anyone care?

Would autotuned R&B even exist if so called songwriters were prohibited from "knocking off" some well known hits from an era of actual talent?... much like their "artists" probably did to the corner liquor store...

Same thing basically. It's taking what's not yours because you're a talentless thug. The real winners in this situation are the corporate entities that endorse this blatant rape of resources. Nothing is original, and if it is, we as a consumer driven generation have been brainwashed into believing it's kak by definition. Very rarely has anything genuinely new and exciting been (a) shown the light of day or (b) greeted with open arms and open minds.

So who's to blame? The public that allow themselves to be spoonfed bite size portions of second rate shit all day every day? Yeah, I think that's the answer. Be more discerning! Explore your options! Don't settle for mediocrity.

Which leads us to part 2. In a radical change of direction I propose to you that too many people on Earth are being led to believe that they are entitled to more than they're worth. Why do the average masses all believe that they can be exceptional? Surely this is a contradiction in terms? It's because the TV told them so. Now we're sitting with a jilted generation of people that believe they could have made it but for some hindrance beyond their control. Wankers.


In conclusion we're a bunch of apathetic twits that allow our tastes to be decided for us by mass media and we're all fucking delusional about being extraordinary, when in fact we are simply extra ordinary.

Except me...

With any luck I will be able to claw my way from the mire and lead the great Team Burger King to victory at tonight's LMG Pub Quiz!!!

Spread The Love. And The Knowledge. Knowledge is sexy mos...

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  1. Technically, I don't think that image came from The Chive either. So if the Copyright Police come knocking at your door, you have a chance to turn state witness!