Friday, June 24, 2011


"Daddy would you like some sau-sa-ges!!??!!??"

It is Friday after all. Time to eat you some fish and to loaf about at the office. See what I did there? Wonder if the Pope strictly observes the Friday Fish thing?

Ok, so that takes care of today. The weekend ahead is full of exciting and nifty things to keep me occupied and out of too much mischief...
I am going to apply my pea brain to learning as much of Axxon's repertoire of amazing music as humanly possible tomorrow, and on Sunday I will be applying my pea-soup brain to recording guitars and vocals for the b-side from the much anticipated new Axxon single.

As far as nocturnal activity goes, I plan on emulating a hibernating polar bear in this wintry weather, coz you know, I'm cool like that. This was very ably pointed out by Sheik Yerbouti. Thanks.

As for the rest of my inner blogosphere, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Helena Handbasket for daily entertainment, unlike those other slacker friends of mine, for which this seems to have been nothing more than a passing fancy. Like tight black clothes. Or heavy metal. Or smoking... No. Wait... Hang on...

Also congrats to Tarty Farty Tequila Party for managing to syndicate her blog into 2 print media publications already! Not bad for someone that only deigns to blog once in a million years...

And just like that *poof* he disappeared...

The reason I brought up the figure FIVE THOUSAND is that, being as stats befuck as I am, I am just about to hit 5000 reads on this here little soap box. Thanks everyone of you for reading my nonsense!

NGDG: "Ironic that the FS number plates feature a cheetah when the driver has the pace and directional capabilities of a fucking guinea fowl."

Spread The Love. Under (The Duvet) Cover.

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