Friday, June 10, 2011


Last night was awesome! The weather was perfect for football. Then we hooked up with every one's favourite foreign couple, the Meyodies, from The Big Chill.

Tradition won the day and we met at Mitchell's, that place where Bosuns comes from. After much hugging and catching up and dissecting why I am still single, it was time to seriously tuck into the wonderful array of draught they offer on tap. Actually, Hansa Marzen Gold Draught, they gave us a free glass with each one. I now have a complete set.

Anyway, getting tenuously back to the subject line heading this disasterpiece, we were eventually joined by the biggest ass-badge I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. Apparently dickshine works in the Waterfront and he thinks this bestows upon him the right to join conversations or intimate gatherings willy nilly and then to engage in a rather unenlightened game of one-upmanship. Being the nice sociable people we are, we indulged arseface for a while before he became an utter nuisance. Him buying the table a round or 2 was probably the only thing that helped us maintain our composure for as long as we did. Fuckstick even claimed the manageress as his girlfriend. She did an admirable job of keeping the vomit IN behind her thinly veiled contempt.

So. A quickly scampered exit stage left and regroup at the Meyodies' hotel. Which was a real treat. Fire n Ice has the coolest bar and setting. DO make a turn there if you're ever in the area.

Needless to say this morning was a total write off...

Anyway, back to shit-for-brains. What possesses someone to invade the privacy of others like that? Would any of you approach a random group of people and weasel your way into their company? Would you then pick arguments about which car, cell phone or qualification was better?

What an utter pillock!

Important announcement. Every one's all time favourite music and lifestyle magazine, YourLMG is celebrating their 50th issue with a knees-up of apocalyptic proportions tonight. Mercury will play host to Sabretooth, Taxi Violence and Peachy Keen. Be there!

Ok, so as promised we end off with....

...tah daaaaah!

NGDG:" Apologises for breaking your mouse and screaming 'This riff is fucking tasty!' while crowdsurfing your cubicle. It's your fault for showing me Google."

Spread The Love. With People That Know You.

Even If That Leaves Some Of You At A Distinct Disadvantage.

Happy Irreverent Friday Everyone!

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  1. This is the primary reason (among many others) why I don't like eating or doing anything at Primi Piatti.

    Their waiters seem to think that sitting down and chatting and joining you and becoming your "single serving friend" is a great idea. The few times I have been there I have been a real party pooper and told them to get fucked, in as many words.