Friday, June 15, 2012


Yesterday after work I continued my new exercise routine. I run. Not because I want to or the fact that demons are chasing me. Or even because the bottle store is about to close. But because my other form of exercise has been sneakily stolen by children and laziness. Not the fault of the 3 other guys that are still interested in playing football, mind you, but 2-a-side is a sex position, not a football game. Everyone else is more concerned with feeding, changing and putting their little bundles of joy to bed so they can be kept awake all night and be reduced to a sickly husk of their former selves.

So I run. A few short months of no footie combined with my normal "good life" and the boep is in proud South African Male evidence. Not too much of an issue, but if not kept in check threatens to upset the balance of the Universe, as well as my own.

Yesterday's run was hell. Strange. It was the most perfect weather and I felt fine. Until about a 3rd of the way, at which time my lungs gave in and stitches set in. And those long gangley things used for perambulation sticking out the bottom of my hips decided that enough lactic acid was enough.

Which explains the nice long relaxing bath I indulged in when I got home. Which set the tone nicely for the evening. Remember how I lamented 2 days ago that I really needed to have a completely relaxing night in? Well, last night was it. Glorious.

And that brings us right to the point where I explain how that rest is going to be very needed over the coming days. Tonight I record a very promising up-and-coming band. Very exciting. They do a vintage rockabilly with a gritty, dirty twist and an almost malicious sneer that's sure to win them a lot of fans. Seeing as the genre is so inexplicably popular right now. At least give me Them Tornadoes or Stray Cats over that other lot...

And tomorrow the horrid hordes of AXXON convene to rehearse what is to be a set of murderous masterpieces, designed to lacerate your spleen and pound your head in while you stomp 'n' holler 'n' headbang in a frazzled frenzy at Metal4Africa's Winterfest. Should be good fun for the whole family. Especially since DrHellCuz and the Pie Gang Ovva Norff am coming down for it...

Speaking of upcoming musical events. It's just been announced that Eagles Of Death Metal are confirmed for One Night Of Something Or Other at Grandwest on 9th August. I googled them. They don't sound anything like death metal...

And then it's time to get all dressed up and attend the fancy dress for which the theme is simply to dress fancy. I'm going in my Sunday best. The only problem with that is that instead of looking like a wealthy patron on an exclusive eating establishment I always rather come off as the fucking waiter.

Sunday is Father's Day. I hope the lot of you are going to be spending the day with the men who gave a little of themselves so that you may exist. If you can. I know I am. Not ashamed to admit it - my Pops fucking rocks. Hey, the man was even a drummer for a rock band in his youth. Plus he always has a fully stocked beer fridge for when we come around.

And on that rather reverent note, which is kinda funny for a Friday, I shall bid you a happy weekend. If you're still at work, you're probably not in Cape Town. I'm counting the seconds until I can find an excuse to fuck off.

NGDG: "I want to die in my sleep. Not terrified by the onrushing concrete barrier like the strippers in the limousine."

Spread The Love. Stick Up For Your Father. He Stuck Up For You.

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