Friday, June 22, 2012


Taking sunscreen a bit far?

Yes, EVERYTHING is better messy and when she's on all fours with her tongue out. It's a rule and a Universal truth. Test it if you don't believe me...

So welcome to your and my favourite day of the week. Yes folks, it's Irreverent Friday, except if you're Neal. Pity the weather in Cape Town is so wonderfully stay-indoorsy. Otherwise we'd be hitting the Town, painting it red, sniffing petrol tanks and playing chicken with Metro cops. Although the fun is summarily sucked out of any game you play with Metro cops the minute you realise they're the dumb bastards that didn't make the grade to become SAPS and are therefore not allowed to carry crowd subduing weaponry. Basically, they're not even qualified to sleep in their cars under a tree at lunch time.

It's been busy this week. You may have noticed my absence from the ether yesterday. Or more likely not. Boy, am I glad it's weekend. If I put a sea shell to my ear I can hear Gareth Cliff's nasal chant. Why do I suddenly crave Appletizer?

So what does everyone have planned for this, the end of the month Salti-Crax weekend? I have Axxon rehearsal, Rose Thorn's birthday and a Sunday lunch at JC le Roux. But tomorrow night you'll not see me. I'm staying in, cocooned away with the Hot Girlfriend and the world be damned. Pass the anti-wrinkle cream.

But nothing compares (nothing compares...) *Sinead O'Connor* to the excitement beaming from 2 great friends of mine, who are to be reunited after a lengthy business trip tomorrow. And for this, the latest "D'Aaaaaaaaw-Win Award" goes to the Vi-King and Sheik Yerbouti. Hope you two have a wonderful weekend.

So. Go do your thing. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Unless you're a girl. Peeing sitting down is always a good idea.
I think...
NGDG: "And now joining the ever popular line-up of Butt-rape Monday, We-need-this-yesterday Tuesday, Half-day Wednesday, Fuck-you-that's-why Thursday, please welcome Car-crash Friday."

Spread The Love. Under The Covers.

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