Thursday, June 7, 2012


I have been waiting soooo long to use that picture! Finally! Good afternoon from a rather miserable Mother City. Purely for the small contingent of literates Norff of the Vaal, the weather in Cape Town is crap today.

So tonight is once again my turn to cook for the masses. Dinner Club. And not just any Dinner Club, my dear! My Birthday Dinner Club! Having invited more people than usual, I have had to double ingredients. This means buying twice as much in the grocery store AND the bottle store. I have been slaving over a luke warm stove for 2 evenings in a row, miraculously managing to burn the bottom of the dish twice. There are now two pots in my unfinished sink awaiting some strong words and even stronger elbow grease...

Then all the extra people couldn't make it. Eish! Good thing too! Having scorched together half of the food to the bottom of a variety of kitchenware, there may just be enough left for the usual crowd. Let's hope...

And speaking of dinners, last night I was hosted by the Old School Friend and family. It truly is amazing how you can continue as if it was yesterday that you last chatted around a table when the opposite is true. Ah, good times. Can't wait to test my theory at our upcoming jdhtyhijns-th school reunion.

I plan on informing everyone that I'm unemployed and live with my parents. And if they press me for the truth, assuming I'm joking to deflect attention from my decidedly mediocre achievements, I'm going to tell them I'm the treasurer of the local chapter of the Satanic Cult that goes around to middle schools and hands out Slipknot and Marilyn Manson cds. Or even worse, I'll tell them I am in local government.

Anyone thirsty yet?

One advantage to the rain not letting up - I don't have to rinse the garden ingredients I will be using later. I think a cursory inspection for caterpillars should suffice. Oooh, and some delightfully miserable music - you know - to lift the spirits. Nothing worse that cheerful music at the best of times, but this weather calls for some nice, dreary, contemplative dirges. Can't wait. Just need to get home first. Too lazy to change the Judas Priest in the car.

So. On the menu tonight:
  • A starter of some Mediterranean extraction.
  • A main course comprised mainly of burnt bits. Mmmmm, yummy carcinogens.
  • Some My Dying Bride.
  • Then some Katatonia.
  • Good red wine.
  • Shit talking of the highest order.

Can't wait.

NGDG: "Why do married people have date nights? I thought the point of marriage was to avoid evermore the awkwardness of sitting across from someone who's tricked you into paying for their dinner and may or may not order prawns."

Spread The Love. And The Warm Glowing Warming Glow.

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