Monday, June 4, 2012


Geminis. Sometimes a "gem" apparently.

...happens to other people. Although I am taking great delight in aging ungracefully. Like a good red wine, I make awful stains on the carpet!

Yes folks, it was my kjdfhdfin-th birthday on Saturday and it was a blast! Well, the entire month of June so far and for the foreseeable future. Friday I did the nice mature thing and invited the family over for a potjie, after hiding away as much building rubble and dirty clothes as possible. The results were nothing short of spectacular, as you expect, with me channelling Martha Stewart, Andries Krogman AND Nathaniel to produce a potjie that rivalled my winning submission at Tarty Farty Tequila Party's last birthday. This was accompanied by enough red wine to make the chore of cleaning the house and hiding shit away all over again suitably painful on Saturday morning.

But not before getting spoiled rotten by The Hot Girlfriend, who took the opportunity to impress and did so with great aplomb and flair. I got coffee and pressies in bed. I got breakfast made for me. I was genuinely pleasantly surprised by the amazing array of cds she managed to find from my wish list. (I'm notoriously difficult. To shop for. And in general. I've been told. Lots.) AND a scoopy-flipper-over-thingy that is in the shape of a guitar.

Then off to pick up DrHellCuz in the valley and start our day of celebration and adventure. We went booze shopping. We went to lunch at Bacinis, mainly because it is very close to the cable car station, but also because of the damn fine pizza. We cashed in on our status as birthday boys and took a trip on the cable car for free. The top of the mountain, as well as the view, was breathtaking. By that time it had cleared up on the City Bowl side, but was still completely under cloud cover from the 12 Apostles right the way around to Muizenberg. We were quite a bit higher than the clouds, so it was very Walt Disney. For a bunch of metal heads, we were surprisingly taken by it all. But then I am a vociferous supporter of the Mother City and all her beautiful sights...

Anyway, fade to frantically trying to get dinner made before guests arrived. Scoffing down mighty mouthfuls of home made chicken burgers between letting people in and accepting their cheerful birthday wishes went on for quite a while. Then I distinctly remember The Dean administering the liquid cocaines. Then I distinctly remember something about a power failure, at which point, despite the obvious cause being the massive Municipal truck - with orange lights flashing - doing some emergency fixing on the power lines on my road, I insisted on going to buy more prepaid electricity. All to no avail.

After that I distinctly remember very little.

Sunday was a write off, as was expected. We had breakfast at the Tequila Haus & Small Person Emporium, but I had to make it. After saying a fond farewell to DrHellCuz, we went home to get some rest. An afternoon nap and some dinner later I felt strong enough to 'hair-o-the-dog' and the rest of the evening explains today's brand new hangover. Sucker for punishment? Or awesome beyond measure? Or desperately holding on to last vestige of my misspent youth...

Anyway, a great weekend by all accounts. Thanks to those that chose to share it with me. Let's do the same again next year!

And in other news. Go and pick up a copy of the latest Rolling Stone SA. Terminatryx is featured in this issue TWICE! Yoh!

NGDG: "When driving in Sandton gridlock I like to inch up really close to the very expensive cars to annoy their drivers with their own proximity sensors."

Spread The Love. I'm Asking Nicely.

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