Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Today I miss the simpler times. When you only knew your parents and 3 cousins. When what you wore did not define you because your mom dressed you in something more or less functional and you didn't give a fuck. When responsibility was a completely foreign concept. When taking a nap in the afternoon was mandatory. When the idea of reward for being "good" was a small bowl of sweets for not fucking shit up or making too much noise. When the worst punishment you could receive was a bit of soap in the mouth or a spanking. When lifting up a girl's dress was the pinnacle of achievement and elevated you to legend-status among your peers. When there was still anticipation and wonder. When bills weren't your primary source of correspondence...

Alas, all we have today is a disappointing series of events, permanently trying to find that something to reignite our passion for life, love and everything else.

Perhaps I should be in a goth or a doom band...

Hehehehe. Here, life. Have a middle finger. Whoohoo! Almost beer time!

I wish I could report back that I spent the evening soothing my flustered soul in spa-like surroundings, cucumber over the eyes and enjoying a candle lit bubble bath. It's what I wish I could do on a night when I have no engagements. I've watched far too many Radox adverts. Alas, I would be lying if I did.

Instead, in a last ditch attempt to avoid the onset of middle aged flab, I flung my ever softening carcass up and down the Promenade at varying degrees of pace and corresponding lung cramp. Maintaining an air of cool, aloof self respect is hard when one is gagging for air through pierced lungs of fire and fighting to see through the red mist of death taking over one's vision. Although the pretty jogger girls are a sufficient incentive not to barf, and just keep on going. That, and the Wally Hayward impersonator that kept me in his potentially dangerous wake for half of my run. Ego - as effective a motivator as boobs.

Anyway, after that ordeal it was off home for a much anticipated night off. Which was basically filled very quickly with chores. I don't have time to do them otherwise. Fuck I hate this aspect of adult life. The never ending list of things that need doing in order to maintain a lifestyle that doesn't resemble living under a bridge. Makes me admire my parents even more for managing it for so long.

Looking forward to tonight, I hope to achieve the up til now impossible. In a startlingly bold manoeuvre reminiscent of David Attenborough discovering a rare species humping, I will attempt to record some stuff. In my studio. At home. It promises to be the beginning of a wonderful new era in music. Not the local music scene. Or anything else that limited. Just "music". That's how excited I am.

Anyway, seems time is running away with me today. I intend getting home post haste and having a nice cold beer.

So see you all tomorrow.

NGDG: "My gaffe of the day. Jokingly telling the company's Vice President 'don't be nervous', meaning 'in this afternoon's presentation', when in fact he's not the one presenting at all. Out of the context in my own head, this may have seemed an unusual thing to say to a man at a urinal."

Spread The Love. It Bites.

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