Tuesday, June 26, 2012


What happens when you Google "fame" and "boobs"...

I think Morrissey said it best when he intoned "Still... I'd rather be famous than righteous or holy..."
I tend to agree. If only for what I imagine to be the benefits of Motley Crue style debauchery backstage, or in a hotel room if it ever comes to that.

We certainly don't do the music bizz for money. This is a fact. It is the fact among facts. It is King Fact. An extremely talented local musician recently wrote a piece for Rolling Stone SA well worth the read about this very fact. A great example is Jay Yuenger who, upon being interviewed for the position of guitarist in White Zombie, famously agreed to live in a van and eat dirt in order to become part of the band. This is the set of circumstances we are forced to accept when entering the wonderful world of making music. Thank goodness I'm not all that good and have been forced to have a day job all along... Add to that my stoic unwillingness to turn to novelty as a means of attaining fame, and I'm doomed to obscurity and, at best, a small amount of local imfamy. I must be doing something right!

Anyway, all this stems from all the recognition I just got. I was asked my never-humble opinion on which songs currently rock my world, specifically metal tracks that have me secretly doing a happy dance in my slippers in my kitchen when no one is watching. Even if one of the songs I mentioned is a 12 minute doom metal song. A lot of silly twiggling goes on in my house when I'm Martha-ing about. Although even I draw the line at my own singing. Yes, my voice is THAT bad.

Anyway, go and read all about my TOP 5 Tuesday selection. It has music. And pictures.

Don't you think the weather is awesome today? Huh!? Isn't it radical that I don't have to go for a run this afternoon? Lazy has a new name. Yesterday I got home with every intention of cleaning and tidying the construction site I call home. Instead, after a Martha twiggle in my slippers while cooking dinner, I settled on the couch and watched 3 movies and drank bumtarded amounts of wine. I swear I'd die of boredom and alcohol poisoning if I didn't have as many extra mural activities as I do. I'd end up like that poor tubby bastard who died eating canned spaghetti on "7EVEN".

And speaking of deadly sins, a friend of mine remarked today that I should write a piece on my own vanity. Jees, thanks buddy! Is it really that bad? Yes, I'll readily admit to being a big fan of myself, but I can think of a few things I prefer over even me. And they mostly start with the letter B...

Look out of your window. Spare a thought for those less fortunate in this bollocks-crunching cold and wet weather. And if you can, lend a helping hand. If you can spare a warm top, or a pair of socks, make a difference in someone's life. Or simply find a place to which you can make a small donation. And be grateful that your only problems include the speed at which the internet allows you to read my drivel.

NGDG: "The best things in life are dead" [Above a picture of roadkill]

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  1. But she is very nice...

    Also, hell of a list of songs there. I wonder how many people actually know all 5. I don't.