Friday, July 5, 2013


Cape Town's silly hat trend was taken too far...

Oooooh, I'm going to get so much shit for this! My friends, well all the hip and cool kids at any rate, are going to do double flik-flaks when they read that I just don't get Ghost. Ghost is a band, for the rest of you. They're pictured above. Their quite enigmatic frontman is known as Papa Emeritus II. He's a baaaad motherfucker...

Or so you'd think, judging from the pictures. And the lyrics. The lyrics are pretty diabolical. As in dealing with demonic shit, not "Baby, ooooh baby" diabolical. But that's where it ends. I was seriously expecting more. Seriously. Where's the downtuned, snarling guitar, or the aggression, or for that matter, the anything resembling metal. It sounds like David Gilmour jamming with The White Stripes for fuck's sake! They look so cool, it's quite disappointing. Perhaps I just listened to the wrong song, but then I'm not going back to check any more, not after that one, I can't even remember which one. And don't get me wrong, I wouldn't even classify myself as a metalhead, and certainly not one who judges music on how heavy or harsh it is, far from it, I simply can't get my head around this "package".

Let the lampooning begin.

Anyway, on with the body count...

I just got the best news ever from my mechanic. After blowing a little smoke yesterday, Ol' Faithful seems to have given up the, erm... ghost. Looks like I'll be over-investing in that long gawked-at A3 after all. Let's hope the hillbilly tune up he's administering passes the trade-in bluff.
As if the extra plane ticket last month wasn't enough of a kick in the nadgers.

Life - she's a cruel mistress. But then she dishes up days like today. Today, work was actually quite productive and very encouraging. Then it's off for another magical game of Friday Football. Well, that is if I don't end up on Gandalf's side. The only commandment he adheres to is "Thou shall not pass!" Tit.

Then it's off to Famous Butchers Grill for a slap-up 3 course meal with The Hot Girlfriend. Ooooh, can't wait! Thanks, TDB and Me-Swifty, I'm certainly going to make a meal of it.

See, I'm over my 'Murica bashing. All is good with the world. Stuff the car. Stuff everything.

I watched quite an interesting TED talk by Amanda Palmer. As a member of the ugly side of the music biz, as well as a wildly unsuccessful musician, I must admit I'm incontinently conflicted about this. You be the judge.

NGDG: Sometimes an email from the Body Corporate Chairwoman reminds you of the newspaper article in Withnail and I and your day is immeasurably improved: "I am not going to listen to Mr J, the druguee - I had a lot of problems with him when he was staying here, thanks God he is renting his unit now. I don't like people on drugs = when he was high on drugs, he used to come shouting at me."

Spread The Love. In A Silly Hat.

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  1. I first heard Ghost this past week, and for some reason my instinct before I heard the band was to dislike them. But when I heard them, I was strangely taken in by the music, it wasn't at all what I was expecting. And given my preconceived notions of the band, the fact that it was nothing like I expected was a good thing. I won't deny that I'm a sucker for a catchy melody or a chorus that makes me want to sing along like a 13 year old girl into a hairbrush. If they were to sound harsher and more in line with most metal released these days, I think that their image would kind of be lost, in that they would simply be engulfed in the already excessive (black) mass of metal musicians who use heavy blasphemy in their image and lyrics. And as for softer music that incorporates an anti-religious or blasphemous theme, well it's sure a lot better than Taylor Momsen's attempts.