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It's rare that I get all warm and fuzzy about an artist coming to our shores from the distant beyond. (I'm talking time AND actual distance.) I saw Martin Degville from Sigue Sigue Sputnik strut his voluptuous stuff alongside mates Terminatryx. I've had the incredible privilege of experiencing Depeche Mode live. I had a nice quiet evening in when Roxette squawked their way through a performance at Grand West.
It is very rare, however, for me to wet myself a little bit. Very very few artists or bands would have, or have had, this effect. Shannon Hope's searing sincerity has that effect on me. Lucy Kruger reduces me to a giggling fan boy. Anathema's secret show at the Shepherds Bush Empire reduced me to tears. News of The Cure or Paradise Lost even entering the same hemisphere and continent would render me INcontinent. And word of My Dying Bride (shut up, Little Spoon!) would have me organising to be the opener for the tour so fast, you'd swear it wasn't even DOOM metal, but rather NASCAR. Don't even get me going on Swans, that would be like witnessing the resurrection of Ian Curtis first hand...

All this brings me to today's big news. Suzanne Vega is coming to SA. I grew up loving, and still love, Suzanne Vega. I was given her Greatest Hits earlier in the week. It must have been a sign. I've been listening to old favourites like 'Luka', 'Tom's Diner', and '99.9F degrees' all week. And then they announce she's playing Cluver Wine Estate in November. Pricey, at a whopping R450 but worth it...

Anyway, it's certainly cause for celebration!

As is the news that our clandestine collaboration looks set to be a huge hit on the music making front. It's refreshing and quite the indescribable feeling to once again stand in a practice room with everyone grinning like a collection of Cheshire Cats. Our next song is a cover of the Guns'n'Roses classic, 'Patience'...

And speaking of things musical and fucking awesome, be sure to keep the 24th of August open for War Ensemble, a SLAYER tribute show honouring the passing of one of metal's great legends, Jeff Hanneman (R.I.B).

I'm not going to get into the Deftones appearance at One Night In Cape Town. Ok, maybe I will say a little something about how I fail to understand Cape Town's reluctance to buy presale tickets. Why wait til the last minute, risking missing out? Why? Or rather, why do the organisers feel it necessary to give away 10% of the available tickets for free? In the first place, the message you're sending to all the fucking Obz hippies is "just wait around, man, you'll, like, totally score one for free, man..." and it discourages the rest of us who fought the shocking plankton system to get our grubby hands on these (no longer) prized tickets when they were made available. I get it, it's magnanimous, but also pisses me off. Perhaps it's an ingenious way to dissuade scalpers?

I'll give them this, though. They are also bringing down Manchester Orchestra, a band who I did not know anything about until now, and I'm quite enjoying them. So there's that. New discoveries usually have the opposite effect. Like Yellowcard. I'll be in the men's lavatories during their entire performance, licking urinal cakes...

In the spirit of oldies reminding us of a happier time, I hereby declare this weekend "Transvision Vamp Weekend"!

And HOW did Neal know I have decided to fix my car instead of buying my dream A3?

NGDG: Following customer feedback, Audi engineers have responded to the complete indifference to indicators by replacing visible bulbs with thin strips of spectral light.

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