Thursday, July 25, 2013


Juggernaught! Actually today's post is about more than just the almighty Juggernaught, who happen to be playing tonight and have me more excited than a typical American teenage girl (the only virgin in her class) who is about to go to Prom with her quarterback boyfriend!
Today is all about music. Heavy music and all the glorious upcoming events. Obviously the whole internet is abuzz with news that Lamb Of God have confirmed 2 South African dates, but in my world that means 2 rather more important things:
  1. My mates in Mind Assault get to expose themselves (more than usual) to a HUGE audience and rock their tits (al die lekker fokken TIETE!) off.
  2. I don't have my news feed clogged up with shit jokes about some or other inconsequential sprog who's been born into a life of privilege and luxury. Who cares. Citizens, not subjects, motherfucker!
Not only that, but this weekend it's Metal4Africa Winterfest time! Last time I passed out on the dance floor. Let's hope a more appropriate level of decorum is observed this time. Looking like a homeless person who accidentally stumbled into a rich kid's party and then drank all the free punch is not becoming...

Anyway, back to tonight. Tonight is Bluestown Sessions, a firm favourite and weekly event at Mercury. Tonight we get to stomp around to the man(iacal) rock of Juggernaught, as they "bring the meat back". Clearly this means they're reintroducing what it means to traditionally be a real man, none of this guyliner shit. None of this emo she-doesn't-understand-me-now-I'll-pretend-to-understand-Poe shit. Just a bunch of beer-guzzlin', whiskey-chuggin', bearded dudes showing you bunch of chops their face-melting, erm... chops. Not only that, but a rare treat in the form of an all-star collaboration is also on the cards. I'm especially keen to see what The Hair and Snake Hips (from Sabretooth and Th'DamnedCrows disrespectively) come up with. It should be quite an education, especially if RamFest was anything to go by... No wonder that beer tent was so empty after a while.

Not to mention the greatest band in South Africa (oh no, wait, that's the other lot...) had a really good practice last night. My studio (in which I was NOT touched) was almost littered with the top half of all our heads. Life is good!

I wish the weather had the internet, then it would see how wrong it is right now and feel ashamed and go somewhere else.

NGDG: Machine guns in a Polo? I could kill that gangster Krecjik instantly. I'd just slip a note in his bodyguard's pocket that says: "Do you even lift, boet? Kisses, Radovan."

Spread The Love. Get The Meat IN You!

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