Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Is that Rodney King in my knickers?

Always a bit late on the uptake, I was only just now made aware of this story. This disgraceful perversion of justice that has left me quite shaken. I have long since been quite unamused by the general level of policing in our fair land, the ineptitude and the lacklustre glass-eyed approach to anything are truly mind numbing. I can almost (and have pretty much) accepted that the local constabulary is more intent on catching up with their sleep than learning how to write out a crime report. Anyone who has ever been through the harrowing experience of watching the Grade 3 cursive "flow" as the tongue is stuck out in a mixture of furious concentration and world class not giving a fuck, would argue that the crime they were reporting, usually only for insurance purposes, was less of an ordeal.

But not this poor bloke. Yesterday 6 polizei dragged (assaulted) a blind busker and broke his guitar for allegedly refusing to stop playing once his allotted time was up. His guitar, even if it was a Cort, was his only way to earn money. Fuck sakes! What the fuck was he playing to be deemed so offensive? Shut down 5FM!!!!

It is horrifying that the custodians of our peaceful coexistence, trusted as they are with the responsibility and qualification to literally make life and death decisions (carrying lethal arms) are such fascist fucksticks! I hope the orificers in question are brought to book. This was clearly excessive force and quite unnecessary. Utter fucking wankers! What's next? Are they going to beat old ladies who take too long to cross a pedestrian crossing when the little flashy man turns red?

Anyway, seems the power of social media is indeed worthwhile. Since the story broke yesterday, he has already had his guitar replaced and apparently some kind soul has offered to take up a criminal case on his behalf. To each and every good Samaritan out there that helped make this possible, three cheers! And to every single flatfoot involved, their useless fucking superiors, and the entire overpaid, under qualified hierarchy of gravy-stained fuck-knuckles, up to and including Zuma, fuck you! I wish I could watch karma work in our life time and exact upon your diseased souls the kind of vengeance you deserve.

Silver lining, please Mr Dark Cloud Of Sucky World...
Apparently I'm doing it right. Maybe a bit too right, but let's not dwell on negatives. Now, being a dodgy old booze-hound is good for you! Halle-Loob-Jizz!

You may be wondering about the content of this here post and exactly how it relates to the heading. It doesn't.

Unless I put in how awesome Saturday night's party was out in Kommetjie. It was a rainy Sunday morning when I heard those rather special words from our gracious host's better half. She was busy dying in a chair. As were many others. My own hangover only arrived much later in the day, rendering me unable to talk and quite grumpy. The true sign of a kick ass party. Happy birthday for Sunday MunkeyHead!

And speaking of birthdays...

To today's special lady, Ms Cheese, hope you have a wonderful birthday! Hope to see you for a drink this evening!

NGDG: Prince Harry looks very dapper in his cornet's uniform behind the controls of an Apache Helicopter. And yes, our King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo looks a bit like the guys who sort your Tuesday garbage but he reminds me of Harry's grandad when he calls the president "a drunk boy with the heart of a serpent".

Spread The Love. Fuck The Police.

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