Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Finally, a practical application for those silly expanders.

According to Robert Smith, spreads its wings. And you never know...

Well, more prophetic words could not have been dreamed up, considering what I just found out. But let's leave the intrigue there, shall we. I have no intention of getting an inch closer to this one, although I have to admit I'm a bit of a romanticalistic and couldn't be happier for at least one of the parties.

And on that rather inconsequential note, how was your weekend?

Mine was very good thanks. Friday Football really couldn't have been any better. Once again Commander Conker and I contrived to be on the same side. In cricket, they say "catches win matches". In football they ought to say "telepathy makes you look less of an old twat", the 2 oldest fogies by some distance dishing out lessons in elegance, guile and fancy footwork. Afterwards The Hot Girlfriend and I were treated by the lovely Rose Thorn to pizza. Somehow pizza is still a magical thing.

Saturday, the setlist for the next Symphonaire Infernus show was finalised. If you remember, the first of these shows was a roaring success, showcasing the best of DOOM Metal played by the best of local musicians (well, those interested in the genre, at any rate). We have a longer, more dynamic setlist than last time. Longer is always better in DOOM, even though some girls insist it's more about girth. We're even including some local flavour for your earholes this time, in an expanded, more exciting set. Keep your eyes peeled - details to follow much closer to the time. We may even reveal a nice little surprise or 2.

Speaking of, last night's DOOMjam was brilliant! The combination of TDB, Rose Thorn, LordDoom, Lord Bigglesworth III and yours truly made for some awesome sounding slabs of monolithic majesty. One day we will be able to share the amazingness with you all. One day... When we figure out how to manipulate time to accommodate more than just one song's intro into the hour or so a normal gig takes.

Strangely, I have nothing much else to contribute. No rant about the political landscape. No amusing musings on the state of humanity. No incisive insights into the rank underbelly of the notable or newsworthy. Except of course to simply state, Max Barashenkov, you are a fortunate man to have escaped with your job intact. FHM, you missed a golden opportunity to make a positive statement regarding a very sensitive social problem in our community and world, although I suspect you were hamstrung by an overly liberal labour law.
Whatever, fuck both of you. Whatever tenuous credibility either of you had has hopefully been altogether obliterated.

One step forward, 2 steps back, eh...
Viva our fledgling democracy!
Leave Madiba alone.

What are you doing to prove what a giving, caring, politically correct and selfless Samaritan you are on Thursday? Mandela Day, tailor made for privileged white folk to feel at one with their less fortunate brethren while still maintaining the status quo and eating cake behind their high fences. Just more than an hour per annum to wash away the guilt brought on by parking your Hyundai Tuscan on the pavements of lower Woodstock every Saturday morning and buying ordinary veggies packaged in designer pooh.

I'm building kennels for TEARS. People suck.

NGDG: Grocery shopping is just the final step in reverse engineering your favourite take-out.

Spread The Love. One Step Beyond.

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