Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Skwisgard's first attempt at scatter cushions was a huge success in convents.

I really despair for the state in which the world finds itself these days. Your favourite chocolate and cereal manufacturer is killing cute domestic animals wholesale. Groups advocating this very cruelty (and hiding behind some bullshit Hitler said about all the little children) are allowed to exist on social media platforms. Shameless, shameful examples of human filth proudly post pictures as they stand over slain wild animals, their guns held in the air like rednecks at a cousin ho-down. And people are still expected to believe there is no underhanded agenda when it comes to the policy makers controlling our every day lives.

What to do? What to do?

Well, we could all sit and make wailey-wailey sounds, but that's not particularly productive. In fact, it's just about as productive as pushing the "unlike' button and hoping that it'll make the slightest difference. Whilst I am all for creating and spreading awareness, I find all too often that those in question just carry on regardless. It is, however, the one or two cases of success against bigotry, cruelty and stupidity that should inspire us to continue giving the ignorant and the cruel a hard time. Perhaps even consider stepping it up from clicking "share"... At the very least do something outside of the internet...

Also, to maintain some balance in your life, you owe it to yourself to make ample time for enjoyment. Personally, I prefer dressing up in discarded womens' clothing and making a right tit of myself on Saturday evenings in the freezing cold. It's invigorating!
Occasionally I make music with my friends. Like last night. Last night was good for the soul. I may as well let the cat out of the bag... There will be a sequel to Symphonaire Infernus. For those of you who don't know, Symphonaire Infernus was our wildly successful tribute show that honoured all our most beloved Doom Metal bands. Various members from various bands got together and put on one almighty show, playing monumental tracks from the likes of My Dying Bride, Theatre Of Tragedy, Type O Negative, Swallow The Sun, Anathema, Electric Wizard and Reverend Bizarre. The next one is going to be even more immense, if last night's impromptu first rehearsal is anything to go by. We have some awesome surprises in store for all you lucky little fishies!

And then there's all the other wonderful bands we can go and watch. Juggernaught, those meat-eating, whiskey-chugging, blues'n'roll man-rock behemoths will be playing in Cape Town this weekend, most notably at Mercury Live on Thursday as special guests at The Bluestown Sessions, joining an all star cast of stellar musos - not an event to be missed!
And then on Saturday it's time to board the bus (moving bar) and go to the annual Metal4Africa Winterfest! This year the tireless team bring us Bile Of Man from up north as well as a whole host of local talent for a night (and afternoon) that will leave you bruised, sweaty, deliriously happy and on the verge of giving up alcohol for good. I can't wait! Download the free sampler - featuring singles from every band performing - here.

I don't hold a lot of hope for Sunday...

NGDG: You know you're getting old when you have a spare R4000 and you use it to settle your credit card rather than buy a replica human skeleton from the Linvar medical supplies catalogue.

Spread The Love. Stop Killing Bunnies For Safer Snacks.

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