Thursday, November 3, 2011


You see, today I can't use a picture of some random hottie, box or no box.

As in CARDBOARD box, but I like the way you think...

I declare myself the winner. I have successfully overcome the loathsome task of setting up a new email account and getting all the little bits and pieces and wank to fire on all cylinders. Or for those of you in the know, the settings on the incoming and outgoing servers are now correct. Who'd a thunk it, eh? An IT guy I am not. Computers give me the heeby jeebies. I come from a different time. A more pleasant time. I grew up flinging handfuls of wet soil primarily at my younger sister and eating plants that tasted of dog pee. Ah, bliss. A time when you saved up and bought records. And later cds. For the iPood generation, those things that look like shiny coasters hanging off the rearview mirrors of minibus taxis.

Life wasn't a series of zeros and ones.

Guess what I'm doing later... have you seen the movie "Meet The Parents"? I hope I can keep it together and not fall into the overwhelming temptation of referring to them as the Fokkers. Because you know what's going to be going through my head...

I have also begrudgingly agreed NOT to wear one of my more choice slogan tshirts. Apparently "Blow Job Is Better Than No Job" won't, um, go down too well. Neither will "Pussy Magnet", "Shave-Yer-Guava" or "Fuck Off I Have Enough Friends"...

And in other news... Well there really isn't any other news. The world is busy imploding as usual. Choose a conspiracy theory and stick to it. The only news site worth reading is still Hayibo. Love their tag line: "Breaking News. Into Lots Of Little Pieces."

Oh, did I mention what an absolutely awful day it is in The Mother City? Think I'll do a couple of sundowners overlooking the Atlantic... Sound good?

NGDG: "Johannesburg was voted 5th worst city in the world for traffic congestion. 5th! At least we're still No.1 for murder."

Spread The Love. Kill Your Computer.

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