Friday, November 4, 2011


So here we are again, on that most hallowed of days, Irreverent Friday. More so for the fact that it's the end of the week than for the fact that a general sense of irreverence is being encouraged. That is pretty much the default setting for most of you anyway. It's just that I decided to make all your sordid dungaree wearing tendencies a bit more acceptable - for today anyway...

For those of you that actually retain any information from this here soapbox of tricks and virtual tome of heretic hedonism, "Yes, thank you, last night's meeting of the parents went quite well..."

They had the requisite number of digits, limbs and other body parts. Enjoyed a pint or 2 in their rather pleasant company, being the life of the party and royally entertaining everyone at the table. I lie. It was mostly "What do you do? " and "Where are you from?" and "Are your parents kind to the staff?"...

Which basically turned into me talking about myself and music. My 2 all time favourite subjects.

They were cool. I survived.

This weekend, because it's going to be musical heaven in many ways (Axxon practice AND the wonderful Shannon Hope's long awaited cd launch), I have designated some time to teach myself how to use a cello bow on an electric guitar. Now, I have seen this done and heard the hauntingly beautiful result when done properly. I expect the proverbial feline mating maul before I get to that level...

So wish my neighbours (bless their ever loving patient hearts...) the best of luck.

NGDG: "I want a Frasier Tshirt with a velcro sky for sticky-on-y meteors and balloons and winking neon lights."

Spread The Love. Like A Cat. Scream Like You Want It!

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