Friday, November 4, 2011


This is your last reminder about the lethal dose of awesome happening at the elegant Fugard Theatre tomorrow night. Yes, yes, I said elegant. They said I would be allowed to come in if I wore pants.

And a shirt.

And brushed my hair.

Yes folks! The intoxicating Shannon Hope is performing her long awaited Cape Town CD Launch show tomorrow night at the Fugard Theatre on Caledon Street. Her stunning new album, 'Fight A New Day' will also be available for sale. Join me, my pants, and the gathered masses of people in the know to celebrate this auspicious occasion with her. You're in for a night of entertainment the likes of which you have never before experienced. A grand piano, a grander venue and the grandest artist currently around. To quote a very wise and astute reviewer: "the voice of a goddess and a truly magical musical ability". Also, bubbles...

So don't let yourself down. Come and see what all the well deserved hype is all about.

Spread The Love. Show The Support. You Will Be Smitten...

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