Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I'm constantly astounded at what makes people tick. Luckily though, we're not like that dead dude in Hellboy who was made of clockwork, sand and a cool uniform. I'm talking more about the wonderful variety of tastes and opinions on display across the spectrum of humanity.

Before this degenerates into a philosophical piece, I'd better stop it there. I'm nowhere near drunk enough to have this conversation with all of you. And by that I mean with myself, because I have to complete the series of random thoughts, convert them clumsily into text via the "computer" and then hit "publish post", by which time it is usually too late to entertain arguments to the contrary. So let's call it an opinion piece.

Unfortunately when one is babbling on one is bound to run out of steam at some point and the end result is me sitting with my thumbs lodged firmly up my arse and without an opinion right now. On anything. A rarity. Also, it makes typing quite a challenge. Well, there is always the logical fall back of music, but I've blathered on enough about that today already. Unless you count the awesome news that Paradise Lost are releasing a DVD/CD of their live performance of all the songs off Draconian Times recently in London. Salivate. And next year we'll be treated to their new album (they're in studio now) called 'Tragic Idol'...

Anyone for a preview?

So how's this weather? I'm almost on my way to a nice leisurely few laps of the cricket oval and then a relaxing little game of football. Or should I say murderous masochism and an evening of agony? I tried this whole getting in shape thing before, with gut-busting results. I'll put a six pack in the fridge, closest I'm getting today I'm afraid.

So after all that I've committed myself ("too late!" I hear you cry) to a spot of retail therapy. I can just see it now. I'll get there and gingerly lever myself out of the car only to find there's nothing I want to buy all evening. Oh well. There'll be consolation drinks with any luck.

NGDG: "So our friend Juli-arse finally admits hes finished politically and contemplates becoming a cattle farmer. Time for a rousing chorus of 'Kill The Farmer' methinks."

Spread The Love. Deep Heat Is No Good As A Lubricant.

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