Friday, June 7, 2013


Going down is good for you.

Yet another reason to continue my ongoing hate/hate relationship with Dave Cumstaine.
Fuck I hate BeggarBreath.

Anyway, onto today's huge big story. It has been announced that Deftones are playing at Oppikoppi this year. I love their later material, and know a lot of people who worship them. Buses are being planned already. I think the Voi Vixen fainted when I told her earlier...

However, once all the euphoria has settle into mild dribbling on oneself and the occasional rub "down there", a little switch in your mind is activated and you start to make sums. Mainly because you're already picturing yourself and a whole group of like minded fans enjoying an epic road trip and a dust bowl festival. Which brings you to the logistics. Leave will have to be booked. Cape Town's creative/design industry will come to a grinding halt. Transport will have to be sorted out. If you aren't part of a large group making their own arrangements, a plane ticket is probably your only option. Let's figure R2000 if you get in early enough. Concert tickets are a paltry R800 considering all the amazing local talent you get in the bargain, but an expense nonetheless. Then there's booze (face it, food is nary a consideration at these things... buy a burger with the change from your beer) - and if you're the average festival punter - the cost of 2 or 3 day's worth of pinting or any less legal alternative could leave you in more debt than the 4 years you spent at UCT or Stellenbosch. Ironically, where you picked up your addiction in the first place. Seems RLSF was right all along. It seems, even if you're a resident of the Big Shitty, to be a little pricey all of a sudden.

Which brings me to the obvious conclusion. Since it appears there will be a 'One Night In Cape Town' (offshoot of Oppikoppi's main festival) this year, do like last year and bring the international acts here. Last year was fantastic. I even got to interview that nice man from Budget For Vaginatime. And it turns out he's a really cool guy, even if I'm not a fan of the music.

I know. I talk a big game. Just you wait until they announce that The Cure is planning on a visit anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa. There will be flame trails in the dust...

Anyway, dear people of the South. Enjoy your weekends. I have a wonderful evening with The Hot Girlfriend planned. After football. Then tomorrow I hand my name in at the door of my old flat, as it's a double header birthday celebration.

And since I'm in a giving mood, here is some fucking SERIOUSLY awesome music. To you. From me. I give you The Eden House. I'm ordering my album next week, if anyone wants to go in with me. Round thing. Shiny. Found dangling off rear view mirrors. In taxis.
And if that doesn't rev your motor, well clearly you are in need of much cheering up. In which case you're going to need a heavy dose of FOBLO Bulletin. There's a second one as well... Deborah Patta - watch out!

NGDG: Vladimir Putin has split from his wife. Ladies, lock up your daughters. Before he does it for you.

Spread The Love. It's Like You Never Had Wings.

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