Thursday, June 6, 2013


Incentive to get on with your life RIGHT NOW!

What a fantastic word. Wanking about at life instead of getting shit done. Describes my week so far to a tee.
You missed me?

I have been very short on motivation this week. Possibly due to party induced fatigue. Possibly just not being able to muster the will to give a shit. Possibly just plain ol' fashioned laziness. Anyway, I'm back and I'm as bad as I've always been. Not like 'Felix the Cat'.

Before I launch into what will no doubt be a slightly exaggerated tale of all the shenanigans experienced this magical weekend past, I have to tell you what happened. I switched on the television. The news was on. Someone was flinging pooh. I switched the television off. Flinging pooh!?!?! Like, real pooh. I thought that only happened in Madagascar. Clothed or not, it seems we're still just primates. Kinda base, really...

Anyway, on with the dog'n'pony show...

Friday something happened. Oh yes, I found myself at The Armchair Theatre (or whatever version of the name it trades under now) to support The Hot Girlfriend's sister's boyfriend's band, CROAK. Now he has already made me want to throw up and give up. But I had no idea he was this generation's Steve Fucking Newman. What? This guy is insane! And then there's the singer... Some lass who couldn't be a more eclectic mix of Kate Bush, Bjork, Inge Beckmann and a host of others if she tried. It was pure, unrestrained, soulful, poetic music for lovers of the less commercial side of the art form. Parts awkward genius, parts fluid chemistry and parts stumbling and stubbing your toe, be sure to keep an eye out for this band.

Saturday started off with something more than mild surprise, as the very, very naughty Hot Girlfriend, clearly far too eager to wait for my actual birthday, presented me with the most extravagant gift I have ever received in my entire life. I was gobsmacked. Completely and thoroughly stunned and at a loss for words. I must be doing something right...

And then there was the inevitable party and all its shenanigans. Obviously, everyone tended to congregate in the kitchen, and a grand ol' time was had by all, louder than bombs and drunker than William H Macy in Shameless. Just the way I like it... To everyone who came out and shared this wonderful occasion with me, once again, thank you all!

Sunday was a little hard to deal with, as you can imagine. What with the Brother-In-Awe's pre-dawn snuggle in the wrong bed, sans underpants... Thank goodness my sister came to find him and drag him back to his rightful spot and put some pants on him! Anyway, later it was off to their place for a protracted boozy lunch and much jollification.

The rest is all a bit hazy, to be honest. Last night I ran like a hell hound - further and faster than ever before. One of these days, I'll be doing my Wally Hayward impression on a pavement near you!
Oh yes, and then there was band practice - surprise... surprise...

NGDG; Bleeding mammoths, Neanderthals with bone-cancer, and Game Of Thrones. If creationists had imagination and a sense of humour I'm sure one of them would remark that it's been a bad week to be a make-believe creature.

Spread The Love. There Are Still 15 Days Left To Celebrate.

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