Friday, June 28, 2013


The HOFF - illustrating the dynamics of a black hole.

You cannot unsee that!

So, Friday then, you say! Well, I don't know about you fine collection of... hey! Stop staring at the Hoff's recurro-sack! Where was I? Oh yes. Friday. A sprinkling of irreverence, a light at the end of the tunnel and that first post work beer so close you can taste it...

Sound good?

Fuck it's difficult typing with the Bay Watch Boomslang coming at me the whole time!

Also, in a radical departure from my normal structure I am going to wish a few good people happy birthday before the end of the post (assuming I find something to write after this - let us pray...). Firstly, it is my great pleasure to give a long distance shout out to the wonderful, whimsical and all-round awesome Princess Pants! Happy happy from the heart of my bottom! I hope you have the most awesome day. It's a tragedy that you have chosen to forsake us by introducing such a great distance between us.
Also to the Sound Guy Extraordinaire, hope you're rocking your milestone, sir!
And for tomorrow, to my good friend JDP. Veels geluk liewe maaitjie. In the parlance of your people: "Main." The pic above is just for you...

Ok, seeing as we can't avoid it anymore, let's discuss how the politicians in this country we all hold so dear are taking the piss, defecating on the legacy we were all so proud to embrace in '94. I don't think we're in for wholesale anarchy and plunder the minute Madiba actually drifts loose this mortal coil. That shit's already happening. And they're pretty fucking bald faced about it to boot. No, what bothers me is the imminent political fiasco that is no doubt going to follow hot on the heels of our nation's father's passing. Already the family is doing the vulture-hop around his still warm body, in a re-enactment of any number of tacky 80s films dealing with inheritance. And now some utter shitgargler has banned the DA from participating in a prayer vigil for Mandela in Tshwane (wherever the fuck that is...). Thanks for perpetuating the divide, you ignorant cumrag.

In fact, this gentleman put it all into perfectly logical perspective. Thanks, MSG... Fucking brilliant!

Anyway, let me not get too worked up. I have a fantastic weekend ahead of me. Curry, movies and The Hot  Girlfriend all to myself tonight. After footie, of course. Then braaing in the burbs tomorrow. Then who knows what secret delights Sunday holds? Could be anything. Could be nothing...

Have a safe weekend, everyone.

NGDG: Mandela is like The Matrix. There are those who say 'BESTMOVIE EVA!' There are those who urge you to judge it in light of the whole trilogy. You don't want to be these people. Just know they won't remake The Matrix in your lifetime. And we're all very relieved that it wasn't another Johnny Mnemonic.

Spread The Love. Go Hug An ANC Member.

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