Tuesday, June 25, 2013



There's a positive deluge of international acts streaming to our little red-neck black-out neck of the woods. Eskom had better be on high alert, lest yet another unscheduled load shedding lay waste to the last vestige of  respect the outside world has for us. Deftones at Oppikoppi, and all indications are One night In Cape Town as well. Let's hold thumbs. Mainly because of the biblical shitstorm that will ensue should the organisers be brave enough to deny Cape Town their slice of Chino. All I can surmise is that they aren't naive enough to wait until it's too late, forcing people to book their OppiKoppi arrangements and only THEN let the cat out of the bag...
Then we hear today that Skunk Anansie and The Hives are coming as well. Rocking The Daisies and Vodacom City Night (or something like that in Jhb). The Hives... what I used to get when I got to deep into Obz. As for Skunk Anansie - I'd definitely go and watch them again. They were fantastic the last time they graced our little fishing village and I'm still a big Skin fan. Talk about a set of pipes!

Anyway, the hysteria of this morning is over and we're sitting here in Cape Town enjoying some nice watery sunshine. Long may it last, although all bets are off.

Fuckin' hell! You know you're a bit brain dead when you enter the search criteria for something work related into the login cell of the site you need to get into. I think I need some fresh air. Perhaps a brisk trot around the block would do me the world of good. Oh yes, now I remember. Can't. Neck injury. I'm flippin' falling apart here...

I think I'll try and extract money from Kulula, although I would probably have more luck convincing an American that Morgan Freeman isn't the ex-president of South Africa. I'm bored shitless, but I don't know if I have the energy to deal with the inevitable underpaid moron who couldn't give a fuck I'm going to encounter on the other end of the line. If I was forced to do work like that, I'd alleviate the overwhelming suicidal tendencies by granting refunds all day long and then watching the supervisors lose their shit. It's got to be better than learning the Spur Birthday song... And all that callanetics in OutSurance offices...
In reality, I bet most call centre employees spend the majority of their day huddled in their grimy cubicles playing Solitaire and trying desperately not to catch their neighbour having a surreptitious wank. Again.

And so the status quo continues. No, little darlings, I am not referring to half of what someone else originally said being plastered on your Faecesbooks. Look it up.
The lamentable descent of the Rand ensures another hefty petrol price hike come month end.
The deplorable state of our government and its contemptible, bald-faced corruption.
A youth with no prospects other than becoming Wall-E humans.
Rampant and cruel abuse of anything and everything over which we have any control.
Domestic violence.
War in the name of peace.
War in the name of religion.
The plight of the song writer, especially when faced with the monumental odds - up against the corporate sanctioned murder and mutilation of music.
Wholesale stupidity and apathy. (I know, I know... the irony coming from a Cape Town native...)
YoLandi Vi$$er's haircut.

Little wonder I prefer to stay in, then...

If you could all please say a little player for me as I stride out with brittle confidence that taking on Kulula will make an iota of difference. Hands Across 'Murica!

At least we have something to celebrate on this murky day. It's Rose Thorn's birthday! Happy birthday, you wonderful, beautiful human being. My life is a constant celebration for having you in it!

NGDG: There are bits of hair that are a midget's middle finger from fitting into a ponytail. Yeah. Your mother likes it.

Spread The Love. Starting With A Neck Rub.

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