Thursday, June 27, 2013


So apparently Deftones will be playing at One Night In Cape Town, as expected. The Mother City is a'plutz with excitement and the weird and wonderful ticketing site the organisers have chosen to go with doesn't seem to be handling the volume of orders very well. But that is neither here nor there. I get to see them without having to travel a million miles to the border of Zimbabwe. I know my friend the Voi Vixen is very happy. Anyway, after reaffirming my faith in their brand of music with Diamond Eyes, I'm there like a bear. I just wish I could find the review I wrote on that album - seems the site which originally hosted it is down. Fokkit. So be it. I think I'll survive.

Your entertainment news for today:

Ok, some of these genres I haven't heard of yet, but this is pretty asstastic and darn funny. These two guys make a song that spans 26 genres within 3 and half minutes. Lawd have mercy!

And I wasn't going to comment, but this little gem from our very own SABC News really just plops the cherry right on top of yesterday's kakverhaaltjie.

Oh, and speaking in the mother tongue, the new FOBLO Bulletin is out. Anne Hirsch, you beauty.

Well, there's really nothing much else on which to opine. My carnival of flailing limbs is temporarily on hiatus while my injuries are given a chance to get better. (I put my neck out lifting my head off the pillow... don't laugh.) Hopefully by this time tomorrow I'm ready to prance around like a gazelle - I have football to play!
And tonight is yet another instalment of that hallowed tradition known as dinner club. In other words it's someone else's turn to feed me full of food and booze. Halle-Loob-Jizz!

Oh yes, and then there's Gumtree. I went on there earlier looking for a beginner guitar for a mate of mine's daughter (she of the lemon incident) and happened upon a treasure trove of second hand wonders. If I didn't have to pay off that damn stupid fucking shitty extra flight ticket, I'd have been in possession of a little some'n some'n...

There you are, walking around all rebellious in your high-heels, mohawk, pop-up collar, eyeliner and cuffed sleeves. I know what you're thinking. You're all steeped in history aren't you? And there's a good reason...

Well, yesterday was the very strongly worded email (I'm such a keyboard activist) to Kulula. So that means today I have to recalculate all of the Cape Town City Council's attempts at working out billing from "actual" meter readings. Motherfucker! Like Aaron Stainthorpe says: "The pain never stops..."

Also, please go and visit Terminatryx's indiegogo account. They're busy recording what promises to be a great album and you can secure your copy by paying in advance! Imagine! You'll get your grubby paws on it and you'll already have forgotten paying for it. That's like getting it FOR FREE! And who doesn't like free stuff!?!

Anyway, you may have noticed that I have left this post in as many paragraphs as humanly possible. Only to annoy Neal Goldwyer.

But I'm still quoting him. He's like South Africa's own Oscar Wilde.

NGDG: Yesterday a recruitment consultant criticised every choice I've ever made, told me what I'm doing wrong in my life, and tried to push me into the same shit that's made me miserable for 5 years. (To quote Chris Rock: "Carreer? Most people I know just got jobs, muthafucka!") Don't give me advice. I'll hate you.

Spread The Love. I Want More.

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  1. We both find ourselves battling the bureaucracy demons, eh?

    In response to your youtube link, here's a bunch of taleneted musicians doing their thing. You might enjoy their other videos too. I think they're absolutely brilliant.