Monday, June 24, 2013


Thumper didn't realise just how prophetic her choice of play name would be...

Not like The Easter Bunny, obviously. Far too much chocolate and egg hunting and other forms of nefarious activity. No, I'm talking about good, wholesome bunny fun. The kind of stuff found in children's books, not the more sordid or risque publications favoured by Jim's dad for sex ed. That being said, bunnies do have a certain reputation to uphold.

As you may or may not have picked up, there is precious little on which I'd like to speculate or report today. All you need to do to find out what the weather is doing is turn on Faeceboobs. And yes, we all wish that mainstream media and the vulture-like family would leave this nation's icon the fuck alone so that he may go in peace and with a modicum of dignity.

I did get into a brief debate concerning the local alternative "scene" earlier, and thought briefly about taking that a bit further on these here hallowed pages, but then you've heard it all before from me. If you weren't paying attention, well, scroll back.

At least we had a pretty good weekend. Princess Pants was visiting from The Big Shitty, I played awesome footie on Friday evening in that exact hour that it didn't rain, developments on the band front look more and more promising, The Little Teapot had a party and I spent all of yesterday with an injured neck. I feel right old...

Let's see. Saturday's party. Started off all civilised-like with pre-drinks at my house. You know that's a kak idea. And it was. Well, it was a glorious idea, until the business end of the next morning, of course. A wonderful time was had by all, at my spot and at the gig at ROAR. It was loud, there was a lot of hair and hollerin'. And of course, a lot of drunken revelry.

Then there was the little soiree for The Little Teapot. Hosted expertly by Herr Grun at his new digs, the set of The Blair Witch Project, should the lights go out one day. I kept expecting a snot spouting terrified teenager to come bounding out from behind the avo tree.

And after a whole bunch of driving around, doing my finest impersonation of a stiff scarecrow or a Tory MP, I finally settled into a few beers at home with a potential new co-conspirator. Things they is a happenin'...

Then I overslept this morning.

See, I told you there's nothing to see hear. Please move along.

At least Princess Pants didn't do an Idiot Deluxe and miss her flight.

NGDG: Scientists say that people who will live past 100 are alive today. Hope it's not me, because that means there's another 30 years of midlife crisis up ahead. And ain't nobody got time for that.

Spread The Love. What Noise Do Bunnies Make?

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