Thursday, August 25, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, behold! Another institution is about to explode on your screens. Like IRREVERENT FRIDAYS. Like NEAL GOLDWYER'S DAILY GEM. Like an over excited teenager...

I give you, in the spirit of spreading the delightfully loquacious gospel of Saint Smith, your sporadically updated CHAPTER & VERSE, in which you get to go on something akin to an online Easter Egg Hunt.

Today's C&V will be a relatively easy one. Like my Cuzzin, the honourable DrHellCuz (PHD, BFP and GHD). I give a series of numbers which may or may not relate to the chronological release of an album, the number of the song on it and, the line or verse to which I refer. Easy, huh?

Book 7 : Chap 17 : Verse 4

Now let's see who is bored enough to figure it out. Please bear in mind that this serves merely as a vague indication of my mood or how I feel about something or someone, or even just a cool line I can't not post at the time. It - like so much else in the world - has precious little to do with you.

Also, please join me in congratulating Tarty Farty Tequila Party on wangling tickets to review Rocking The Daisies and wishing the intrepid Helena Handbasket a speedy recovery from the lurgy that so deprives us of her wit and wonder.

I shall now endeavour to do some work. Ok, no I won't. It is after all, Friday...

Yes, you guessed it, yours truly will be off air tomorrow. Out of the office. Hallelujah! Now all I have to do is figure out what exactly I am going to say whilst delivering my seminar to the eager minds of tomorrow's industry experts...

Perhaps a crash course in blogging and basic netiquette would serve them better. Or 'how to frown at your screen trying to look busy whilst thinking of a funny synonym for bottomfeeder'.

NGDG: "I feel very vulnerable after stripping my cubicle. That was not a euphemism. Nor was 'I need to wallpaper my airduct'. "

Spread The Love. All Of It. All Of The Time.

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