Monday, August 29, 2011


Jeesh, really pimping and pillaging the 80s pop culture band catalogue for headings these days, me...

[This is where you knowingly respond "Aha, I knew I knew that"]

Anyway, the weekend then. All things considered, it had its ups and downs, but let me rather fill you in on the ups.

On Friday I decayed the impressionable minds of our country's youth with a very successful lecture/discussion presented at the Campus Of Performing Arts. I even got lunch, and I have to say it was a great experience. Whether or not I managed to inform, inspire or simply provide the kids with a sense of utter despair and disillusionment is a matter for discussion some other time.

After that I went to go see my dear friend Daddy Longlegs, who was kind enough to provide me with a beautiful Jackson Kelly for my use over the next month, with my upcoming show with Axxon in mind. Thanks, buddy - the sponsorship is finally bearing fruit.

Next it was a little trip to the studio to marvel at the wonderful work being done by our genius friend, Herr Grun. Boy, can that man masterfully manipulated the seven levels of kak out of a synth line.

Saturday was spent in the same lofty company, rehearsing for the Axxon show and then having a braai and an impromptu late night jam. It must have been lots of fun, because I woke, rather groggily the next day, to find the house had been smashed apart by a hurricane of sorts. I hugged the dishwasher.

And here we are. Mega Moanday. Apparently I am the only soul that follows the intrepid doings of Dame Helena Handbasket. I am obviously the only soul with the good fortune to be blessed with such impeccable taste and wonderful sense of humour. I do suggest clicking, reading and bookmarking - a cracking read and a thoroughly entertaining tirade against the tyranny of something called "bootcamp"...

You may be expecting another hymnal lesson from Saint Smith, but it is with a heavy heart that I dedicate today's song reference from another equally eloquent source, Saint Stainthorpe: "All the angels are shamed..."

So, onto Monday and the looming deadlines. It's that time of year again. NOT in the mood. But it has to be done. I really need to speed up this "tropical island/cold beverage/lounging around/85ft yacht" pipe dream - we're getting nowhere fast with all this "work" clogging up the arteries of life.

Ok, on that rather foreboding note, allow me to get back to work. Until post-work-nap-time. Followed by pre-band-practice-dinner-time. Whooohooo! My life's not that bad after all!

NGDG: "In the eternal war against entropy your greatest ally is yourself, although you can never be sure he's not a double-agent."

Spread The Love. Go And Hug Someone You Love. Especially Family.

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