Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Why do I persist in doing this to myself? Guess who lost a rather protracted fight with Black Label again last night.

Today, since I am hardly capable of coherent speech, nevermind an accurate recollection of last night, I thought we could get stuck straight into Neal Goldwyer's Daily Gem, and what a gem it is today!

NGDG: "Whether Miyeni's "burning tyre" or Malema's "shoot the Boer" talk is hate speech is moot. I personally appreciate the freedom of being able to say they should each be dragged behind a Toyata Hilux by the other's entrails. But they cannot be allowed to get away with excuses of "speaking metaphorically." What the yodels are employing is not metaphor, properly speaking, but synecdoche."

And THAT right there, my friends, is why he is being immortalised, at least in our little neck of the woods...

So. Last night then. The mighty Team Burger King graced YourLMG Pub Quiz with their austere and awe-inspiring (read 'profane' and 'pooh-flinging') presence again. There were questions. There were answers. Some were correct. Some were not. There was beer. And Tequila. And a Tarty. There was music. There was also a sadist hiding in the DJ box, inflicting upon us music-trivia-minded types a lesson in humility second to none. There was a rather charming and charismatic chap up front with a mic trying to bamboozle us with false clues and blind us with the dome glare. And there was a whole table of knobs that couldn't fill my sammitch order. And a male nurse.

Obviously, since it was a school night, Pub Quiz usually ends at around 11pm. I stumbled through my front door at 4am. Today has not gone well. And to make matters worse, not only did we manage a podium finish without winning again, but the effing Sammitch Makers beat us to second. Grated tits, anyone? They can be glad I love them, otherwise bazookas would be involved.

Let's hope I get some form of second wind before band practice tonight. Luckily I have a fridge full of, erm, Black Label to keep me going. Cyclic equations are the bomb.

Spread The Love. Choose Lifebouy.

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