Friday, August 5, 2011


There is a very definite reason there is currently a pig on your screen. It has to do with the whole "choices" or "possibilities" theme. It works on MANY levels, but one specific reference. More than that I cannot, and will not, divulge...

A ragged haired friend of mine once sang, in his distinctively whiney voice "...filled with endless possibilities..." Now whilst this was essentially a very whingey song, being all DOEM MERRILL and such, it did allude to a certain positive frame of mind, one which I share on this fine ass IRREVERENT FRIDAY!

You see friends, Romans, countrymen, the sun is shining in the Mother City (despite the recent accounts of snow on the mountain - Derek Van Damn is probably doing some snow of his own) and the weekend looms large with all sorts of wondrous activities. So much for a quiet recovery from what has been one fucking tiring week...

Tomorrow the mighty Axxon convene. There will be big, nasty, groovalicious beats. There will be slick, sick, sublime, subliminal synths. There will be monstrous, malevolent, mindfucking guitars. I can't wait. There may even be a beer or two.

Followed by a starkly contrasting "games night" at a very civilised little house in the 'burbs. I'll report back on just how civilised that turns out.

Sunday involves drills and delicious lunches once again.

NGDG: "People who ask 'But is it fiction or a story or what?' in bafflement, deserve our pity because their lives will forever be colourless and one-dimensional."

Spread The Love. And The Winning Lotto Numbers If You Please.

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