Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Trust me, it has something to do with the eventual Industrial Metal tint to this post.

I have a solution to Strike Season. No, not pay the proles their due. Or even a fair wage. They'll just find some lingering problem to dredge up from the past. And rubber bullets are SO last season, skattie...

Restrict Strike Season to one specific day in the year and declare it another public holiday. If a group of people have any legitimate grievance, then they are legally allowed to strike on "Strike Day". I'm thinking it would even be a great opportunity to re-introduce cigarette sponsorship and/or advertising. The revenue could be used to augment the wage increase.

Also, since it is the belief that the more children you have, the "richer" you are, does it not strike (haha - see what I did there?) the protesters as incongruous their argument that they need to be paid more because of their many, many children? But setting trees on fire is the answer, yes? Ozone be damned - I can't see it therefor it can't be real. And tipping out the very refuse you yourself will be obliged to clean up when you get back to work - this is a devastatingly devious plan to increase productivity? Don't get me wrong, I agree that one and all should have the right to work for a living wage. Read that sentence again.

On to topics far brighter. Is it just me or does everything seem so much better these days? Maybe it's taken this long for my non-smoking to kick in...

So tonight is the gathering of the gloomy. Some like minded individuals of the musically-inclined persuasion get together to play the most glorious DOOM METAL covers of all time - watch this space - we're going to unleash a show on you and then you can stand there and look awkward and forlorn. Otherwise you're not allowed in. Wrist bandages optional.

And speaking of exciting news on the live music front, if you're in the Cape Town area, please diarise Black Celebration at Mercury Live on the 24th of September. First we braai, then AXXON takes your face off. DJ Reanimator will then take care of the rest, in his inimitably stylish style. You're allowed to enjoy yourself at this one. Not like the other one.

NGDG: " I know the Universe isn't sentient, but it sure is difficult."

Spread The Love. And The Garbage Apparently.

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