Friday, August 12, 2011

SO MUCH IS LOST... much disharmony. More than being a lyric from one of the greatest bands of all time, this also describes the current "state of affairs". No. Not the cool affairs so sordidly monitored by Joey Grecko. The everyday affairs of the world around us.

Stephen Morrissey, bless his permanently whinging little heart, once enthralled us with a ditty that spoke of panic in the streets of London. And Birmingham. And a number of other places. I am sure he feels as sickened by the goings on in Old Blighty as the rest of us, especially as the perpetrators are mostly Vicky Pollard wannabes, but I'm equally sure he feels some smug sense of satisfaction at finally being a real prophet. Ah, fleet(street)ing adulation...

I wonder how many jobless, chinless wonders will now seek refuge and political asylum in Canada. I hope Toronto is ready for an influx of pram-pushing chav-lites. Maybe they should relocate via Mowbray for added credibility, making the extra bonus points stop-over in Lavender Hill for a sundowner.

But the disharmony continues elsewhere and everywhere. It's not just the unrest in England. Take note of the atrocities in Northern Africa. And the ever-so-contrived intervention of the almighty U S of A. Oily motherfuckers. What's bothersome about it all, and the potential global economic meltdown (part II) being part of "it", is the ever more evident lack of trying to brush things under the rug or trying to bamboozle the public. Civil leaders are acting with impunity, all too aware of an all too apathetic public. We'd rather sit in our comfortable suburban living rooms watching the world around us collapse and moan whilst the kettle is boiling for our tea than rally to make a difference. It's too late now, for those of you suddenly stirred into thoughts of action. The bullet may very well already be through the church. At least my friends and I have the right sort of soundtrack, should the end of the world indeed be nigh...

A pinch of salt. Or a table spoon, as the recipe requires. That is what you should add to the above opinion-masturbation. To taste.

Let's see, since it's IRREVERENT FRIDAY, I might have to make up some utterly offensive bollocks with which to flay your delicate senses. Alas, this is not to be. Too easy. Will wait for proper opportunity and/or inspiration to present itself.

Hey! My day was just infinitely brightened. As it turns out, I got invited to attend the Comedy Festival this evening. Let's go see if this Pablo Francisco fellow is all he's cracked up to be.

NGDG: "I love how people panic because their phone numbers are apparently now public. Reminds me of the dreaded spectre of the days of the Yellow Pages."

Spread The Love. Pete Steele Once Very Aptly Suggested 'Slow, Deep And Hard'.

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