Friday, August 12, 2011


Make way! Scoot! Fuck off! Weekend reveller coming through!!!

Much like that awesome game of body slamming we all played in school, where we were enticed into Bakkies-Botha-like rushes of blood to the head, I find myself facing down the last few hours before the weekend can officially begin. There they stand, taunting me with their arms locked, chanting "Red Rover, Red Rover..."

You see, I had a meeting today. At work. Meetings here are rarer than chicken teeth or Catholic clergymen with pure thoughts in a kindergarten. I abhor meetings more than shaving. Which is a lot. Anyway, this "meeting" took far too long and I almost missed a very important Skype message. That would have been disastrous!

Oh, and if you haven't been following the wonderfully written, if sporadic blog of my friend Helena Handbasket, now is a good time. Because, well, because she loathes teenagers, mainly. And all things in the recent World news indicate that she may be on to something.

Tonight - Pablo Francisco. I wonder if he'll do any topical local impressions. Hey I've an idea. He could do any one of our local politicians - take the ticket money and do fuck all. Or is that our nurses, I get confused.

Tomorrow - the Axxon tribe continue their quest for gristly throbbiness on the musical front. We've had a very successful week up to now with all the secret bands (current internet trends - don't want to be left out) so we have a bit to live up to.

I've a feeling Sunday will be earmarked for some form of recovery.

So go forth and enjoy the FUCK out of your weekends! Remember: it's not how many times you're arrested or if your drink's a double or not, it's about making at least one small child cry.

Whether they be tears of joy or devastation depends on your level of IRREVERENCE.

Have a great one, one and all! We're off to a good start - more than one post for you! My gift!

NGDG: "I'm so fucking happy I'm going to battle to find insensitive cynical jokes to share with all of you. I did buy a really expensive bottle of wine to celebrate said happiness and the clerk was lambasting the zamalek-buying vagrant for leaving his sock on the counter. Instead of being repulsed I laughed and thought 'Haha, what a cad'."

Spread The Love. Red Rover, Red Rover!

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  1. My god, I am not a sporadic blogger!

    The week before last was 'switch week' wherein we lie on the couch and eat our body weight in chocolate / lemon meringue pie / mashed potatoes. I was too busy doing something else to blog!

    Teenagers are a blight on any social landscape.