Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Wow! I'm really on a roll with these music related subject lines. Perhaps I should join a quiz team...

Oh hang on, wait! I am already in with Team Burger King, the team that's always on a roll! Unfortunately we now have to wait a whole extra week for our LMG Pub Quiz fix, because somebody decided on a new routine of once every two weeks instead of every week. The Hatters (They be Hatting) are gonna be confused and disorientated. Please return them to the nearest bar if found wondering in the traffic sporting a daft piece of headgear.

Anyway, back to the point of this here li'l story. I find myself perplexed at the actions of the youth of our country and the lack of social responsibility shown by our so-called leaders. Whilst it can be argued that our youth has always shown more than a flighty eagerness to be swept up by empty rhetoric, it is wholly understandable that they are also plain gatvol with the standard "house, job and car" promises of relative prosperity. Our political team of rodeo clowns now have to think up some other way to stay in power, lest the gravy train derail and they're left having to actually work for their exorbitant salaries and perk packages.

As much as you may dislike ol' Juju he has certainly got a vociferous following, a sure sign of success in the political realm. He has stepped up the tired and lame promises of his elders, ones that are clearly raising the ire of those very people it is meant to keep in line at the voting polls, and introduced the next logical level, "blame something tangible". In this case it happens to be the white portion of our wonderfully cosmopolitan nation. It's actually genius. He has for so long allowed himself to be viewed as barely literate and obstinately thick that a lot of people have mistaken him for a non-threatening joke. Tell that to the poor tshirt of JZ that got torched.

So the youth are throwing stones and bottles at riot police outside Luthuli House. Bet Albert would be so proud. It is, after all, fundamentally what prompted change from the old regime in the first place. A tried and trusted method of affecting a positive outcome, if you will...

But in this day and age of readily accessible information and fashion tips, why stoop to violence? Oh that's right, it happened even worse in Lundun, Engurlund. Where the civilised, posh people live. The ones we see living out their idyllic lives on SABC television every weekday afternoon between 4 and 7.

[*Disclaimer. I am not in any way, shape or form anything vaguely like political. I hate politics with the same burning loathing I usually reserve for Megadeth or girls with gag reflexes, but here in Paradise City, one should take note of the goings on. I just like the sound of my own typing...]

NGDG: "I went to the pub with my girlfriend last night. The regulars shouted paedo at me because she's 17. It completely spoilt our 10-year anniversary."

Spread The Love. Especially In The Vicinity Of Luthuli House.

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