Thursday, August 4, 2011


Could happen anywhere. Could happen to you. Or someone you know. Who knows? Who cares?

Last night's band practice was a roaring success. We "pomped" our way through our entire repertoire of knock-out tunes (All except one, which for some or other reason refuses to be played) and then re-wrote and re-arranged our latest hit, 'Patrick Swayze'.

Yes, 'Patrick Swayze'. You heard me. Most of our songs have working titles as they are still in the process of having lyrical content finalised, and we decided to keep things humorous and interesting by naming each of them something unique. I thought I'd share this little list of working titles with you now, as most of you could probably do with a bit of a chuckle, albeit at our expense. Trust me, it'll be far less frivolous when we decide to pretend like we're a real band and actually play these songs. In public.

So, in some sort of rough chronological order:

  1. Death Rattle

  2. C.L.I.T. (Clever Little Industrial Track)

  3. Unholy-Matt-Rim-Hony

  4. Punk Song

  5. Burn Your Dreams

  6. Sludge 69

  7. Pop Song

  8. Doom Pop (pronounced like 'MmmmmBop' by Hansen)

  9. Chopper

  10. Squiggle

  11. Hebidebodacious

  12. Patrick Swayze

That's the one band. The other one has even more wondrously imaginative names, like 'Lord Of The Ringtones', but that's for another post on another day.

Alas, there isn't much more to report. Looking forward to doing as little as possible this evening - well, at Dinner Club. My turn to entertain and cook is only in 2 weeks time. I will be-Marthify them all!!!

Sounds infinitely better than getting Bea-Arthur-fied... Just saying.

NGDG: "Contiki Tours regrets to inform you that your application to join the youth-specific holiday Guilt Trip has been declined. May we recommend a mature option - Get Over Yourself, or the more exclusive The Road Less Travelled."

[*This may have been a quote from somewhere else - I take no responsibility for any copyright infringement.]

Spread The Love. And By Love I Mean Copious Amounts Of Deep Heat On My Back. Hey! I Said Deep Heat!

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