Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Can you see me galloping off into the middle of a smokey glen, painted like Scottishman Smurf, swathed in tartan and crude battle gear about to experience the ball chaff from hell?

I've often wondered why he didn't just apologise just before they lopped off his John Thomas. Perhaps they simply didn't have any Campher Cream back in those days.

Anyway, here we are. On the eve of battle. The mighty Team Burger King readies itself to take on the evil battalions of other LMG Pub Quiz participants. Not partici-kilts. No chaffing today! And on a personal note, I prepare for another epic fight with Black Label Draft - my nemesis. You know what they say about keeping your enemies closer...

The sun is shining, I'm almost off to play some gentle football, before I have to skedaddle at a million miles an hour to get showered and fed before the big night. It's Tarty Farty Tequila Party's big week this week! She is having another 21st birthday/week/month and the activities are racking up. None more important or potentially enjoyable than the "potjie-off". She has devised an evil plot in order to pit ourselves against each other and so that she doesn't have to cook. Little does she know she's doing the dishes... My bleating about being the reincarnation of Martha Stewart has at least not fallen on deaf ears, as I am one of the four Chosen Ones entrusted with this thinly veiled exercise in feeding-the-masses. I'm going to require one of those Secret Service type ear monitors, so my sister and the only other member of the DSW can instruct me through the various pitfalls of putting together an award-winning potjiekos. Actually, scrap that. It's a kak idea. My Brother-In-Awe is an audio-visual genius who'll probably hook my earpiece up to a loop of "My Heart Will Go On".

Book 3 : Chapter 5 : Verse 9 - 17

It's particularly good today, come on give it a go. Just remember, Boys Don't Cry is considered an album on it's own.

Also, go and have a good laugh at what Helena Handbasket is up to and/or amused/musing at/about. Top read from a top writer. And exercise enthusiast...

NGDG: "In the past fortnight I've seen 2 schoolkids on the side of the road doing something more noteworthy than walking: (1st kid) sitting on his satchel reading a book; (2nd kid) filling his satchel with stones. One of these kids has a future."

Spread The Love. Spread The Wealth. Spread The Affection. Mostly On Me. Let Them Eat Cake.

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